The Farewell

Well. I have decided to exeunt. I've decided to leave this place.This site makes me very idle. I spend large amounts of time deciding what I should let into public domain and what I should keep for my own purposes. It also allows me to much time to avoid other pursuits and it even permits me to waste time by bickering with insecure fools who resent me for their failures.I should iterate though that there are some nice people on here. Some are educated with articulate points of view, some are humorous and some are commonplace with pedestrian commentary.
For the exceptional that dwell in this space I would advise that they pursue avenues exterior to internet means. For instance, good writers should seek out publications and / or publishers. It is possible that is why they use this site and that's fine too of course. In my case though, I find myself not wanting to shed my best into this space, be it fiction or general topic discussion.
There are of course the sour and pathetic too. They know who they are. Even without sites such as these their lives are almost unbearable. They spend time dwelling with egotism mixing with comparison and their vacancies are in the spotlight. The only way they can persist is to attack. Tall poppy syndrome.
Although, I have decided to go, there have been some special kindnesses from people at this site. I wish to thank Pascho, Luna, Artman and Pipedreams. I especially wish to thank LetemDangle for explaining a great deal about the 'internet' type to me. I hope you all do well, no matter your pursuits.
The hollow losers in this space, like Rednote and others are their own worst enemies. They have no rank or talent yet criticise as if they are  bitter children in the basement. I wish well for them most of all. They need it terribly. May they have grand epiphanies or at least develop a skill so they may be a valid critic in at least one area.
It has been a new experience for me being on a site like this. Create and articulate. Be and investigate. Revel and interpret but please remember that this is a forum connected to America's Funniest Home Video's. If your blogs have merit in the real world you can accomplish great things.

(PostScript) Do me a favour. Go and buy a book by Nick Earls.> Kind regards and farewell.
Uploaded 10/17/2011
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