The featured kids dancing video.

Ebaums is a disturbing place to be, I love that. But how far can you push the envolope? I believe that video is in wrong, and should be taken down for such content. No offense to the uploader, your just here for your erep points.

As an answer to a rhetorical question, what are we teaching our kids these days? Holy shit, if they teach them thats right, what else are they getting the little muppets to do? chain robberies?

I'd rather laugh at a retard for not knowing any difference, than laugh at someone being taught its okay to do that. No offense, to any retards, Ive been called one most of my life. In my defense, its because of an hearing impairment, my brain works just fine. 

But, back to making a point.

I know its hard these days with people working hard for the money, and not paying attention to kids. They spend more time playing games and surfing the internet. There's no guidance for kids who only see sex, drug and swiaggers. "

Its what the cool kids have."

I might not have learned anything from my parents, mechanical skills wise, but I learn respect. If we want to better america, how about people start showing respect to each another? Its sad to say, the old generations, are passing away, those are the more admiralable people to talk to. Sit down and have a conversation on how they treated each other back then. Sure, they had mischief, but it was innocent mischief.

I miss the old days, where they had no internet, atleast publically. This place, ebaumsworld, its like a nursing home for most folks here. You will retire and soon die off. Meet plenty of differnt people and have grumpy fights.

As wallboy said in a comment to me, "you're too serious, get off politics, spouting bullshit, whine with my cheese and crackers, etc, etc, etc.."

As I had to come up with "cheese and crackers, when the play date?"

I realized, I had already preached this before, and had fallen into the ,"trolling", stfu political type comments.

Sometimes, I wish people could trade shoes.

Uploaded 09/12/2009
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