The fight for creationism.

With the many athiest and creation blogs up now and i do enjoy there is one thing people stick to is that evolution is a weapon against creation that athiests like to use. Its thought that creation cannot stand with evolution being accepted. All of you reading this know whay the theory of evolution is and i think why it cannot be accepted in the creation community. Im not meaning to side with one or the other, not everything in the bible is taken literally and some are to be held as a lesson or philosophy. If a god did create life it would pe pretty smart of it to give it traits that allow it to adapt to enviromental changes or to competition from other life. The cold virus is one example. Its has not been cured yet so far because scientists say it is constantly changing. Every generation or so of the virus has a spontainious mutation of its parent. The bodys immune system will not recognize this new strain and wont recognize it as a threat. Flu viruses will sometimes become immune to treatment of medicines and be harder to treat. This example which is small compared to the millions of years of some species cant be refuted as evidence of evolution. The viruses change or evolve to survive threats and even human medicines. The ability to evolve could be a trait that god gave life to better survive. One major problem is the millions of years some species need to achieve this. I personally think the earth is older that a few thousand years. I think it is a couple billion years old at most. The proof that i base this on is from fossils and the depths they are found and the rocks they are found in. The area i live in has a alot of limestone and is thought to be the bottom of an ancient ocean. There are fossils found in the lime stone that is quarried around here and i dont think there was an ocean or great lake that was formed lasted long enough to support life and disappeared with no trace or records of it being here. God could have created the universe billions of years ago and could have designed evolution as a trait for life. Im not saying there is a god or not but the time table
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