The final Steps to Get the girl. The secret art of walken.

This is a continuation of my last blog that ended at number 10.. In these last 9 secret public tricks to get women , I will show you how without fail to have any women you want.

9.At this point if you didnt get the girl you are clearly fugly. but that is why my list continues. Women love doctors. So fake an illness. Let them see you recover. Women love gimps.They are like big special babys for them to coddle.

8.If by this point your date isnt into you . Drop the bomb. say "Ilove you." .Once she looks shocked quickly pick up your phone and act like your getting a booty call. If done at the right time when you get off the phone she will say it back. Then you can turn in and finish your quest.

7.Women love minorities. So claim that you are a quater black a quater indian and half albino. That will explain any pigment you have . i used it and im white as the show friends. This will make the women know what hardships you overcame.

6. "Allways talk in third person, Dont give her a chance to forget how important you are!!" Matt said. She will start to talk third person as well, so when that happens spill you drink on her face. Subconsciously she will know her place. on bottom.

5. Cristopher walken and bruce wayne have alot in common. They get alot of bitches. Now here is the best of the best. Explain at the end of the night that you dont wear clothes in your house because you feel bad for the children who make most of the crap you wear. She will say "awww." Invite her in for coffee. Like cristopher reeves she will be thrown from her high horse into your arms.

4. walken has a way of  raping a women with her consent. Its called charm you cant fake that. Unless you get her shit faced. Here this line works."i have free drinks at my place". Follow that with the #5 and you dont even need 1 or 2 or 3.

3.Women love sad movies. Tell the girl you have a movie you want to watch with her. Play batman the dark knight and she will cry everytime heath ledger comes on screen. Remind her that heath leger is in a better place and he will soon have patrick swayzee as a bunk mate... she will see how you care and then you can console her.

2.Best pick up line ever. right here. wanna see that new musical that just came out?? when she says yes buy tickets to the movie you want to see. When you get to the theater scream at the attendent that hes a fucking waste of life and he should kill his mother for making him. Storm off to your movie and act like you were offended for her. She will see you didnt kill him (Show her the knife ) and think your cool smart and sexxyriffick.

1.Here it is The #1 thing to get a girl quickly and can only be used by the best. Point to you face and smile. Introduce your self while pointing at your face as the best seat of the house... There it worked .. im not surprised. Incase that didnt work you are hopeless and i suggest you lower your standards.Not all mental retards are bad women. Great kissers. but you can easily get one of these with a bag of chocolate raisens.

Matt.... Your welcome and spell check is for the people who care how they look online.

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