The Follow-Up to My Latest Blog

Well, I've been rockin' the hawk and love it. Some have requested pictures, so here goes. I know that posting pictures on Ebaum's World is perhaps one of the stupider things I may do today, but I'm too tired to care. As you can clearly see, I am an awesome photographer that specializes in blurry, poorly-lit, pixelated photos.

Three notes:

1) That thing around my neck is a shemagh. I was wearing it because my house is mysteriously cold (I think it is due to the fact that the entire town is built on what is, essentially, an indian burial ground).

2) Kaustic: I know that this is not a regulation haircut.

3) I forgot about the background. If you don't like certain things therein, you can lightly stroke my triumphant, bronze-tanned weiner.

So, without further ado, here is my mohawk:

Since I feel like the photos suck, and nobody will really care (unless they are going to photo-shop a dick on my face), I will proide a secondary, bonus blog:


Dude, what is up with Instant Messenger's?! Every time I am trying to get work done on my computer, someone IM's me. The conversations are always painfully slow and only serve to irritate me while I attempt to carry on with what I was doing. I have an IM thing on my email account, on Facebook, and AIM (duh). The first two I cannot show as being offline, so I can't even sneak onto the site to check for stuff without some assclown sending me a message dragging me into thirty minutes of pointless chit-chat. The AIM I had to get to appease my girlfriend when she moved. It seems to randomly sign me on after I had indeed signed off to expressly avoid conversations. It's like got voodoo or something.

I can do without chat-ambushes riddling my internet experience. I don't like typing; the way I type, it looks as if I stood above my keyboard and randomly smashed down on keys with my palms. It takes me about five minutes to go and edit my sentence before I dare hit send; obviously time consuming and frustrating to say the least.

Hell, I'm being IM'd now. I have been in the most pointless conversation for the better part of an hour. Dude, why can't people call me? Wait... I just remembered that people don't call me because I hate calls and sound like a dick on the phone. That's beside the point. Enough with the IM's already. I don't want them included in registration to any site.

Wow, I really showed what an unlikeable person I am, huh? I just can't wait till I'm old and being a bastard is somewhat expected. Then, people use terms which denote a certain amount of fondness for you, like "crotchety" or "cantankerous". That would sure beat people saying "dude, that Tom guy is just a dick".

Whatever, I hope you guys kind of enjoyed my rambling, incoherent blog.

Uploaded 10/23/2008
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