The folly homosexuality.

1. A man will have a surgical operation and have his genitalia mutilated all in the name of claiming to be a woman on the inside. Yet a woman cannot have any type of surgery to gain any part of the male anatomy to use for sexual pleasure.

2. Women that dress like men and cut there hair like men and portray themselves as such to be the dominant figure in a lesbian relationship have changed nothing but their outer appearance. Less they take medication/drugs they will still cycle once a month.

3. You will almost always find homosexual males and females in the same circles yet hardly ever find homosexual women and males in any audience together. The condoning of this behavior by women is far more acceptable than men condoning the same action amongst woman that would attempt to act like men. (How many men do you know that have a dyke female friend?)

4. Children are created between members of the opposite sex. Period. Everyone that has entered into this world rather it was by accident or on purpose, forced or coerced were all born in the womb. Without question.

Decisions are made throughout our lives on matters concerning every and anything tangible to us. It is impossible to ascertain any other reasoning other than the rebellious nature of man/ woman as to why the current state exist between the sexes. Of course everyone has freedom of choice. Yet as the gay community feels their right to exist in harmony has been infringed upon through moral dogma they have blindly inturn infringed on the rights of those who in fact refuse to accept their lifestyle. People are afraid to speak out for morality while it is thrown into the face of our time that morality is arcaic and out dated. To perpetuate anything outside of what we believe as stated within any written religious text is in itself damnable. However if you believe in nothing at all but self gratification then you are in fact void of any and all shortcomings. At least you hope.Discuss.

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