The Friday after christmas



OK, we are glad it's over.  Like the election, let's just get past it so we can stop being tortured by christmas features.


To anyone else who has to work today, hang in there, the weekend is close.  Then you can get busy with all the damn work it takes to tear down all the bullshit that your wife made you put up.  All the lights she made you hang, all the boxes you need to re-pack, and all the toys you must move into the garage to make room for the new ones. 


Get busy, you only have the weekend to get this done before the next holiday is kicking our ass. 


New Years... the holiday that sobriety forgot.


Get out, get drunk, get laid, and then come back to work for another worthless post-holiday friday.


Stop by ebaums, read some hate mail, leave a few shitty comments, and prepare for 2009.


It will be a very interesting year...


I will not say happy holidays, as I am sure you guys are as sick of hearing that as I am.  I will say that the randon drunk girl titty vid from Sublime5, really started my day off well....


Cheers, motherfuckers.  Party hard and drive fast, just not in my neighborhood, or I will have to kill you.

Uploaded 12/26/2008
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