'The Fucks Wrong With White People?

There are certain stereotypes that everyone knows are tue. It's not up for debate. I'm usually pretty astute about noticing common behavioral traits about groups of people and predicting what will happen in a given situation.

If you stop your car to let a young black man cross, he will contemptously take his time.

An Asian business owner will either be the friendliest pal with great customer service or the most serious, suspicious motherfucker with whom you will deal that day.

If you slow a bit to let someone merge in front of you and they hesitate, it's a chick.

You get the idea, so I used to play this game on the road. I call it a game, my GF calls it road age. I would observe someone driving stupidly and guess the age, gender and race. I had this uncanny knack for calling it.

In the last coule of years, though, my percentage is slipping. More and more I see white guys, 30-50, driving BELOW the speed limit. WTF? I can't begin to tall you how many f-bombs I drop while driving at what turns out t be WHITE, NON-SENIOR CITIZEN MALES!

What's the deal, my peers? Why are bro-folks driving like slow-pokes? Why are you throwing off my numbers? I try to not believe you are a bunch of faggots by telling myself things like maybe you are really drunk or perhaps are a serial killer with a dead hooker in the trunk and don't want to get pulled over, but it's sure a puzzle.

Anyone else notice this or is it just a Seattle thing? Next time I need a ride somewhere I think I'll ask a Cambodian Gramma; I might get there quicker.


Uploaded 07/28/2010
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