The Future

So take a second to think about this.
Or a minute. Whatever.
Giant corporations have successfully grown to cover every single inch of the planet. There have been so many mergers and buy outs and bankruptcies that there is now only one mega company that manufactures and supplies EVERYTHING. From gasoline to alternative fuels, bras to cock rings. You name it, they make it and sell it.
Now imagine that this corporation has successfully infiltrated the government (And who are we kidding? In the future the only government that matters is the United States government. And by that I mean America is the only place that would allow this to actually happen.) In doing so, the federal government has ceased to exist. There is just The Company. It runs everything, from policing the streets to foreign policy.
Wait, scratch that. There is no foreign policy because The Company has taken over the world.
So this company wants nothing more than for you to use their products. So, in order to save money, The Company fires virtually all of its human staff and creates robots to do all of the work. Over time no one has a job anymore. They simply sit on their couch and watch TV and eat and defecate all over the fucking place. How do they pay for all of this? The Company no longer cares. It's been so long that The Company's only purpose is to serve and for the President of The Company to know that he has complete control over everything.
So people eat, use, shit, sleep, eat, use, shit, sleep. Over and over again.
The Company, however, fails to institute an effective environmental sustainability policy and the Earth sinks into the muck of pollution and waste. Soon the toxicity levels of the air and water rise to insanely dangerous degrees. Filters and artificial habitats can only do so much. The droids try to clean up, but it's an impossible task.
There is only once place left to go: space.
So they leave. Everyone. A fleet of huge ships, capable of supporting thousands of thousands of millions of people is created by The Company and everyone leaves the planet. An army of droids is left behind to clean up the fucking mess.
Well, centuries pass and the people forget about earth. The Company, always there, has provided everything anyone could ever want. People no longer have to even get up out of their seats or look away from their TV screen. Needless to say: they become fat assed slobs incapable of basic motor functions. Even sex has lost it's appeal, what with the artificial intelligence of the ships growing test tube babies to keep the species alive.
It gets to such a point that people become so fucking lazy they no longer even have the energy to chew, preferring to drink their meals through a straw.
Imagine this.
It's the movie Wall-E.
Fucking Disney.

Uploaded 07/02/2008
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