The Good Die Young

Dear John

Happy 18th birthday.

you need to read this note very carefully. there is nothing you can do about what i am about to tell you, but it is vital that you do read it to the end.

up until this point you have had the best years of your life. ten years from now you will have qualified top in your class in astrophysics. you will go on to lead a team that will invent a means to travel back in time. you will take unbelievable risks to achieve your goals, working late, pushing away your family and friends. You will become totally obsessed with your work. your colleagues will tell you that you are taking too many risks, but you shut them out too. before you even reach the final stages of your work you will inadvertently have killed 3 of your colleagues and serious injured 5. leaving them with serious disfigurements that they will endure for the rest of their lives. among the deaths will be Lucy, the girl of your dreams, who you will meet in 3 days 4 hours 36 minutes from now at your friend mike's party.

during the final stages of your work, people will call you mad and you will shut yourself away from your colleagues and the world. using the money obsessed financiers to pay for your work, ones that dont ask any questions, or considering the implications to what you are doing. they will give you the finances and protection you need to finish your work, blocking government interference and killing off your former colleagues to hide what you are doing.

by 50 you will achieve all your goals, fulfilling all your aspirations of a lifes work. you will tell yourself that only you believed in yourself and now you hold the full accreditation for your work, but there is no one there to share it with.

you will create a time paradox that will rip open the realities of 2 dimensions, disfiguring them, fusing them together. one of which is an alternate reality where the nuclear conflict between the west and the communists in the 1960s actually happened. 97% of all life on earth eradicated. The other reality you know now. one minute the people on earth are enjoying their lives the next they are burning from radiation, with their bodies torn between two realities unable to die or escape for eternity. the mythical hell is turned into a reality.

you will be left in the time machine's wake, protected outside of time, witnessing all the horrors on earth. you will hate yourself more than you could ever believe. the madness will consume you. After many years on your own, with the hell all around you, you will find a way to go back in time and try to convince your earlier self not to follow this path. all attempts will fail...

the drink you have just consumed contains a lethal but painless poison. although you know what substance you would poison yourself with, you will not reach the means to make an antidote in time, as i have destroyed it. there is nothing you can do to prevent your death. in the time it takes you to read this, you will have 3 seconds left before you will be dead. Farewell old friend. it is true what they say, the good die young.
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