The Good People Of eBaums.

Yea, dirt hides in corners or under quarter round. The shower curtains get stained with soap scum. The garage gets messy with boxes, cans and soiled garments. That can wait until another day.

The blog section can get boring. Poor spelling, diabolic grammar and moronic ideas plague it.
There is one saving grace, the good people of eBaums. Sure some act as assholes, bullies, know it all's and trouble makers. However, if  you examine each and everyone, meh, they are lovable. So here's  to those who write, upload, conspire, upset, annoy, forgive, love or act like complete retards!

We are just reflections of ourselves. You can reject it, accept it, try to change it. You can never escape it. 

There is one great constant  we all share. Few here know it. They are distracted by daily rituals and traffic jams. That is our love, sometimes disguised as hate. It's all good.

There is only one reason I wrote all this BS, and that is so the people I love listen to this sound track.  So without further bull shit, just listen to the tune. I love you!

Uploaded 09/26/2011
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