The Government is going to take over my life!

Jesus Fucking Christ. You have no idea how sick and tired I am of this bullshit.  I am sick and tired of hearing from people that the government is taking over my life.  People try to use this argument against lots of political people.  This is the biggest piece of horse shit I've ever heard.  Unless you’re talking about a Communism then no government is trying to control your life in any way.  Honestly when I hear stuff like that it makes me want to slap people.  Then they correctly restate that what is actually being done is called Taxing.  They get angry because this money is going to government programs.  People get angry at this because they don't want to see there money go to porch monkeys and so on and so forth.  If you people were smart, what you would do is write to every and any politician elected to represent you and your interests.  What you can do for example with Welfare is: write in provisions you would like to see put in for people to be eligible for welfare.  You could add things like time limits, 3 years for example (if you needed it past this you would have to present your case to a bored for approval). Once you get off welfare you need to complete 1 hour of community service for each month you spent on it either figure can be changed) and it must be done within the same amount of time you were on welfare.  If you fail to do so you pay fines, don't get your Tax returns, whatever.  Then you can make a separate one with and education plan for people who have been laid off from the manufacturing sector, so on and so forth.  Anyways, this is just a small example of how you can make the government work for you.  To anyone who says, "Oh a big protest group will block something like this." the answer is they cannot, this is a Democracy right? You have elected officials, if you can get more people to support this than oppose it, your representative will most likely pass something like this, and if not, don't vote for the bastered (or Bitch).



I am Muhhaha and I am not racist, I am an equal opportunity hater.

Uploaded 10/11/2008
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