The great 911 Mosque debate

This is a copy paste from My WIFE who is indeed a blogger but not on this site, so I ask you debate but do not insult her for writing this............just read her perspective, and if you do insult her, I will take action...and that doesn't mean banning, I will go to the extreme in the be professional please

Here it is and read

So this has been debated until we're all blue in the face, but now it's my turn.


I have come to the conclusion that over half of the US are actually robots in idiot suits trying to make all all of us in this country look like absolute morons. Right now, the constitution is crying. What are its tears for? It's crying tears of religious freedom.


Lets start off with the basics. As a Christian, I consider myself and Jesus to be close. That however, does not mean that I think that Christianity is the only acceptable religion. I come from the school of thought that speaks of being who you want to be, and worshipping whomever it is that you please- so long as you are not harming anyone else in so doing... this freedom afforded to us by the Constitution of the United States doesn't bother me for a second. Heck, I'm even open to hearing all about your religion if you feel like talking about it because I like to grow as a person in ways of knowledge and religious/cultural diversity as well.


America seems to have forgotten one minor (make that MAJOR) oversight afforded to all the people in this land, though... here it is guys and gals... EVERYONE has a right to worship THEIR OWN RESPECTIVE RELIGION in America. ALLAmericans hold the SAME rights, and the one I am pointing out today is the Freedom from religious persecution!!! That's ONE of the MAIN reasons why we came here in the first place- think back to all those history classes you took on the way to getting your high school diploma or even your GED!!!. And PLEASE spare me from you getting on your high-horse and giving me the argument about all the founding father's being Christians here... while you may be partially correct, lets not forget that these are the same guys that went right out and committed mass genocide of the American Indians...I think you need to raise your moral standards a bit here... Moving on though...


The "Mosque" is not being built. (Nor is it being built ON GROUND ZERO ) It was built umpteen years ago. Before I continue, i DO FEEL it is necessary to insert here that this ground we are talking about was long ago purchased by a group of muslims (same way a Christian Church group can purchase land in which to build a church upon it and no one can or should have the right to stop them...); however, prior to 9-11 this land housed a Burlington Coat Factory. Yet, in 2009 it was purchased (by muslims again) to be used as a Cordoba (Not a Mosque. It is not a Mosque.) Link to source: In use as Muslim Cordoba since 2009.The land's owners are simply renovating the Cordoba to include a culinary school, and cultural center, and GASP....a 9-11 Memorial.


Some say it's offensive, distasteful, etc. Who exactly is it offensive to? To the 70+ Muslim Americans who died when the towers fell? (TERRORISTS NOT INCLUDED, PEOPLE!!!) Or is it Offensive to the 3400+ Muslim Americans putting their life on the line for your freedom in the US Military? I guess it's offensive to allow them to pray near where their fellow Muslim Americans also died in the attacks on 9-11?


Here's a little information I bet most of you did not even bother looking up.There are 3 other Mosques in the same Vicinity of Ground Zero that no one has yet to complain about. They have ALL been here since before 9-11, one being 800ft away. There are 3 Catholic curches within the same vicinty of ground zero that no one has complained about. Hell, if we REALLY want to talk about offensive  there's even a strip club in the same vicinity, but that seems to not make any headlines...


"But Muslims are responsible for 9-11." No, Al-Qaeda is. Baptists arent responsible for the Westboro protestings are they? No. You can't judge a group of people based on the radical dealings of a race or religion. The KKK doesn't represent all white people. The Black Panthers don't represent all black people. American Muslims aren't responsible for 9-11, Middle eastern TERRORISTS are. We are not Al Qaeda or the Taliban.


We were in Iraq for how long fighting for the freedom of Muslims, yet we come home and protest to have them stripped of their constitutional rights?

People have said things like "well when they put a Christian church in Saudi Arabia"....I think America can pride itself on being above the religious tolerance of other countries. We're the ONE country that doesn't have an Official Religion or Language. Pride yourself on being from a country that is SUPPOSSED to be genuinely tolerant of other cultures.


I've heard "Let them build it, it's just going to be burnt down." Honestly, if that's the type of American you are, I have no problem contributing to your $32,000 tax dollar a year jail sentence. THAT kind of behavior and ego-centric mentality is what caused 9-11, yet you're sitting here and blaming MUSLIMS? No. Start acting like you're an American.


"It's being dedicated on 9-11-11, and questionable people are donating." it has no dedication date because funding hasnt been established yet, so stop believing everything you hear. And how many catholic churches have gotten funding from outside the US? How many Catholic churches have had their own issues recently? Does that stigma apply to all Catholics? No. The funding will be open from donation, and I'm willing to bet a lot of it will come from non-Muslim Americans since this has turned into a constitutional rights issue.

There are criminals of all religions, however Muslims in prison only make up for 5%...the top 3 are all forms of Christianity so I don't know why AMERICAN Muslims are apparently so scary. Timothy McVeigh and Charles Manson were both Christians, but we don't punish Christians for what they did, so how can we blame OUR OWN AMERICANS for something terrorists in the Middle East did?


"Muslims build Mosques in places they conquor" Really now? Anyone want to explain the other 1209 Mosques across the US? Unless they're psychic Muslims I think you may want to lay that excuse down.

The more scared we seem of our own people, the weaker we become.

Ignorance is not bliss. I will now step down from my soapbox. All I ask is that you use the BRAINS GOD GAVE YOU PEOPLE!!! This whole thing has gotten blown way out of proportion and its just plain embarassing for America now!

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