The Great Ebaums War of 2009

  Well, whattya know? Looks like 2009 has started off with a bang. The recent banning of some of our favorites seems to have produced a miracle: we have all banded together for the cause. No matter what you think of the bannees ( is that even a word? ) I think we all realized that powers that be took things a little too far. Probably anyone that makes a ripple here on our beloved EBW has been banned at some point- myself included. But the one thing that obviously pissed us off was the unneeded and overzealous removal of some of the more prolific posters. I don't know about anyone else, but I find it kind of refreshing that in a time of conflict, we all circled our wagons and defended one another, regardless of our personal differences with each other. Well known feuders have taken up the cause to show that we won't stand for this. Basically, we can rip each other to shreds, but when an outsider steps in, it ain't gonna fly. I come here, every day, to laugh.. to ridicule.. to be laughed at and be ridiculed. This is the community where I fit in. We are crude and disgusting, foul-mouthed and assinine. But this is OUR place, and even though the staff ( whoever owns this site ) is behind the structure, we the commenters are the people that bring it to life. Without us, this site would be a dismal failure. Sure, the new guys and the curious onlookers would still bring some substance to EBW, but it is the regulars that make it what it is. The feuds, the jokesters, the dumbasses... altogether is what makes each day on here something special. It is just like HunterDad's comparison to a bar.. we come in and recognize the ones we love, the ones we hate and the ones that make us howl with laughter. No matter your connection to others here... it is OURS. Sure, ebaum reaps the profits, but we all benefit from this place too. If we didn't get something out of it, there would be no regulars. We all stop in, daily, to voice an opinion, to laugh, to make fun of someone. It may be ebaums world, but it is our universe.

 So with that, I just wanted to let everyone know what I get out of this crazy nuthouse. With the recent foray on to that other site ( I won't mention it but it starts with B and ends with Reak ) I think I realized just how cool this place can be. I was literally bored to tears trying to hang there, and the only worthwile comments were from our regulars. I honestly don't see how anyone could get enjoyment from that place. Sure, they have vids and pics, but honestly, do we come here for the features? I don't. The media here is almost always available in tons of other places. I come here to visit my friends.. my enemies... my people.

 So OK.. MODS: Yeah, sometimes we get out of hand. We, as a whole, push the limits. We see just how far we can go before you snap. But you need to realize that is what makes this site what it is. I think the banning problem might be solved.. for now. But just keep in mind that we, the commenters, are what keeps this place alive. We know when we go to far. We know what buttons to push. But please, for the sake of this community.. lighten up a bit. I don't think bullets are gonna fly from any of our comments. No one is gonna lose their life because of a mean spirited joke. I seriously doubt that the world will come to an end because someone gets butthurt from a mean insult. So give us the benefit of the doubt and do your job with an open mind. Don't remove comments or ban someone just because you can. And please, screen the mods a little more closely to assure that it isn't just someone's vengeange and power trip.

 To all my peeps: you guys and gals are my world. I have chosen to make ebaums my home. For the most part, so have all of you. There is some common bond that brings us here to this sick and twisted little corner of the Interwebz. I have seen what lies beyond here, and frankly, it sucks. We all function together, no matter what the driving cause behind it. I don't want to go anywhere else, and as long as I get my daily fill of funny here, I won't.

 Thanks to all of you that give me my sustenance. If I feel like crap, I can come here to laugh. If I feel humorous, I can come here and make folks laugh. If I feel mean, I can come here and piss someone off.

This is where I belong.

Thanks ebaumers.

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