The Great Insult

My lovely wife works for an Ontario school board.  She witnessed a heated discussion between two teachers.
Teacher A complains that Joey, who is an introverted, gifted student has decided that business is his preferred career path. Joey and others like him go on to win business competitions for which they receive monetary compensation. Teacher B who was instrumental in convincing Joey that business might be his forte, questions Teacher A reluctance to encourage Joey from furthering his instruction in business.

Teacher A laughs at Teacher B saying, " Come on, business? Really are you serious? The kid is brilliant, why should he waste his time with money grubby people? What are you? A conservative?
For this, Teacher B becomes very angry, because she has been identified as a "Conservative" in front of her coworkers.   Apparently,  a conservative viewpoint is considered a universal insult within the teaching profession. 

So it would appear within the teaching profession it is generally thought that business is bad and for the weak minded and conservatism is a universal insult.  

I have done renovations for both these people and they are genuinely good loving people. How does this type of indoctrination become such a large part of their very being?  It is not a part of their personalities on an individual basis. It is quite obvious they are both brain washed within the unions they belong to.  This is a sad example of how individualism is destroyed. 
Uploaded 11/04/2011
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