The Great War - Part 12

     We left the base at around 0400 hours and started our way towards the enemy convoy. We knew that we could easily destroy their vehicles and run off before they had any time to retailiate. I was in my Panther, Johnson was in the Tiger, Calhoun was in the Raven, and Jenkins was in the new Thunderhawk. The Raven and Thunderhawk were much different then our Bots. Instead of having a wheeled vehicle transformation, theirs hovered off the ground. They used air pressure to lift the Bot off the ground enough to drive safely over the terrain. In their driving form they had two SSA missiles and two .50 cal machine guns. In the Assault mode, the Raven had two "shotgun rockets". The gun fired four "RPG-like" rockets at the enemy. The Thunderhawk had Massive Gattling guns on each arm. It could spit out one thousand rounds in thirty seconds.

     We traveled along the road going nearly one hundred thirty miles per hour and closing on the enemy very fast. They were transporting four trucks of explosives towards a major Rebel base. Now try to imagine this. Rockets+Explosives= some motherfuckingawesome fireworks. We knew that the explosives would most likely be guarded by several tanks and possibly helicopters. My palms started to get very sweaty when I saw the lights from the trucks. We were within one hundred yards when I signaled for Assault mode. The vehicle lifted itself onto two legs and I took control of the trigger. I locked onto the lead Tank and unleashed a flurry of energy blasts. The explosion threw the tank onto its side. The crew inside started to pile out of the wreckage. I fired a second shot and it struck the ground right in the middle of the crew. The explosion literally disintegrated every member. Johnson fired a huge blast into the second tank. The tank exploded in a huge ball of fire. The fire soared into the air and vanished. Jenkins was unleashing thousands of rounds into the vehicles and decimating any fleeing Rebel. Their bodies crumbled to the ground as the bullets pierced their flesh. Calhoun launched a deadly salvo of rockets towards one of the trucks. The explosion was immense! Fire lept into the air as high as I could see. Metal rained on the vehicles below and impaled several jeeps with the deadly debris. I saw a metal scrap descend on a Rebel. The metal scrap sliced through his entire body, I watched as he collapsed in two halves. I saw an RPG zoom towards our position, but it veared off to the left and missed us. Jenkins zoned in on his position and lit him up. His body jerked in the air as the bullets made his body dance. An enemy helicopter started to strafe us with it's guns but Johnson fired two rockets which sent the chopper down. The chopper landed into a ravine and exploded, killing all the passengers immediately. Another RPG soared towards us and.......I was hit.

     I woke up at the bottom of the ditch. My leg was hurt and I was badly bruised in several places. I looked over the edge...and no one was there. I was alone. My Bot had been reduced to a pile of debris in the middle of the road. I struggled to my feet and looked around, there was no sign of anyone for miles. The only thing I had on me was a canteen of water and my pistol. It would be a seventy five mile walk back to base. I let out a long, drawn out sign and started my walk.

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