The Great War- Part 7 "Backgrounds"

This blog is going to differ from the other ones because it won't be told by the narrator. Instead I will list each character and their backgrounds. Hope this will clear things up for you.

---Ben Stevenson---

Ben is the main character in the story and joined the army after the death of his family. They had lived in New York until the Rebel army destroyed the city. He was the owner of a small restaraunt and lived a middle class life. During the bombing, Ben lost his wife Carol and two kids Adam and Mike. After joining the army he was placed all over the middle east on mainly pacification missions. During the story he was transfered to Beta Company that is his company throughout the story. He has training in assault rifles (primarily his M77), sniper rifles (such as the M27), and light assault bots (examples are the G55 Destroyer and the L25 Panther). Although, the company is still awaiting the arrival of the assault bots. Johnson is his closest friend and they always stay near eachother. Due to the escalation of Rebel activity in the area, Ben may start to use his other weapons in order to combat the new threats.

---Michael Johnson---

Johnson is another native to New York and grew up in the harsh streets. He was picked on during most of his life due to his black skin. These hardships strengthened him and made him try harder for what he wanted. He is 28 years old (Same as Ben) and joined the Army when he was 22. He joined the army because he was running into financial trouble and needed a steady job with good perks. He had a girlfriend back home but tragically lost her during the bombing. He was planning on proposing to her that year. Johnson has honed his skills with the SAW44 and other Heavy Machine Guns. He is also trained with assault rifles and medium assault bots (such as the K22 Big Man and the S12 Tiger. You can count on Johnson being in an assault bot when they get the new shipment.

---Frank Powers---

Frank was born into a military family in North Carolina. His father had fought in the war on terrorim (around 60 years ago) and he has continued the fight. After High School he joined the Army to continue his family's tradition. He is 31 during this story and has been in the army for just over 12 years. He graduated from officer school at the age of 26 and was sent to lead Beta Company. He is a master of strategy and has been known to get his squads out of sticky situations. He is also fearless when it comes to any combat situation, no matter the odds. His leadership skills and relationship with his squads is almost unparalleled. He has been trained with nearly every weapon except for assault bots. He says the bots hinder his movements too much and doesn't give him the free movement that he wants. Expect to see Powers doing incredible feats to help his squads.

---Andrew Nathans---

Nathans is a very intelligent man and extremely skilled with his work. After graduating from college he joined the army. He wanted to use his medical skills to help the men and women that are protecting his country. He is 27 during this story and is always respected. His fellow squadmates are always thankful that they have someone like Nathans to take care of them. Nathans only weapon that he carries is a pistol that he keeps around his waist. The reason is so that he has more free space to carry medical equipment. Beta Company is the fourth company he has been in. He is constantly being transferred and is getting used to the new faces. Expect to see Nathans in situations where friendly soldiers get injured.

---James Rutter---

Rutter was born in Madison, Wisconsin and joined the army after the bombing of New York. He joined at the age of 19 and is 24 during the story. His parents raise dairy cows and he constantly writes to them, in order to stay in touch. He is a hard worker and never leaves until the job is done. He is very loyal to his squad mates and is known to risk his life for others. He has been trained in assault rifles, shotguns, and sub machine guns (such as the MB22 and MB25). Expect to see Rutter make crucial decisions and turn the tides in the battle.

---Kyle Majors---

Majors is the youngest in the squad at 22 and has just recently joined. He has only been in the squad for six months. He has been trained in Grenade Launchers, assault rifles, and small assault bots. He was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and has yet to finish college. He joined the army so he could afford college. He wants to go to college and get a degree in Business Management. He is a very smart individual and graduated at the head of his class. Once he finishes two years of service, he will quit the Army and continue his education at the University of Georgia. Expect to see Majors using his trust M65 Grenade Launcher. He may occasionally use an assault bot, but it isn't too likely.

---Alex Calhoun---

Alex is a white American that was raised in San Fransisco. He grew up in a wealthy family and lived a good life. He was very successful throughout his life and was living good. He was married and had one child. He joined the Army a year after his wife divorced him. He joined because he needed to get away from his problems and wanted to do something progressive. He is 26 years old during the story and has been in the squad for nearly two years. His training is primarily in assault rifles and sniper rifles. Yet he has also been trained in one of the older assault bots. He is a dedicated soldier and is always there for his squad. He is capable of implementing new strategies and is always aware of the situation. Count on Calhoun to assess the situations in the future and implement new strategies for the squad to follow.

I hope you all are happy with the backgrounds for the characters. I left some details out because it would become too long for you to read or it would be boring. I will also start to leak out more information about these characters in future parts. Thank you for reading and the next part will be coming very soon.

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