The Great War - Part 9

     I pulled the trigger and the Rebel collapsed on the road. The rest of the squad started opening up and I could see several Rebels start to fall to the ground. Majors' grenade ripped into the middle of the group and sent several bodies flying. Johnson was firing his SAW44 into them with a bloody outcome. I aimed my sniper at a running Rebel and shot him in the back of the head. He managed to take two more steps then fell. This sniper was giving me such a great advantage and I took every opportunity. Every single time a Rebel stuck up his head, I blew it off. Powers told us all to throw grenades at them so I ripped mine off and hurled it at the nearest group. The explosion teared into the bodies and sent one of their arms careening towards me. His arm had actually struck me right in the chest. I started to freak out and quickly threw the arm to the side. I could feel the Rebels blood still on my chest. After I calmed down, I looked in my sights and saw three Rebels running back the way they came. I leveled my sniper and shot the first one in the back. He sank to the ground and I adjusted towards the second one. My first shot missed, but my second struck him right in the back of the neck. I then took aim at the third Rebel and shot his leg. He fell to the ground and tried to crawl towards the ditch. I brought my sights towards his head and fired, direct hit. After the fight was over, we started to search the bodies for a radio. We had killed about thirty five out of the forty Rebels that were in the group. While the rest of the squad searched the bodies nearest us, I checked on the three that had tried to flee. It turns out that the third one, that almost made it away, had the radio. I picked it up and took it over to Powers.

     Powers was on the radio for over twenty minutes trying to find help. He checked station after station for any signs of a familiar voice. Finally, we could hear a fellow soldier responding. Powers told them of our situation and they said to stay tight. They were going to send some friendly choppers to rescue us. I laughed at the irony of the situation. We had been sent on a rescue mission and now we were the ones that needed rescuing. After having a good laugh with Johnson about this, we settled in to the ditch and tried to get some sleep. We would each take turns watching our surroundings while the rest got some sleep. Luckily, when it came to be my turn it was light out. I could see that we were pretty much in the middle of nowhere, the only sign of civilization was the road next to us. It had been a rough night for us all and the light was a beautiful thing to have.

     My shift was boring, so I decided to clean my gun. I started to reminisce about the old times back in the states and the fun I'd have with my family. I remembered playing with my sons in the park, those were better times. Then, something caught my ear. I could hear the choppers coming for us and I started to wake everyone up. We all started climbing out of the ditch when we realized that the sound wasn't a chopper. We looked down the road and our hearts completely stopped. There, coming at us, were four B22 Assault Bots. We rushed into our positions and prepared for the battle. These B22 Assault Bots were an older version of our Assault Bots, but lethal nonetheless. They have two forms that they form into. They have their Blitzkrieg mode and Assault Mode. The Blitzkrieg mode transforms the Bots into an extremely fast vehicle that can travel at around one hundred and fifty miles per hour. The Assault Mode transforms the Bots into a bipedal war machine. It shifts onto it's two legs and two machine guns make up the arms. They have even been known to carry missiles in case of helicopters or other vehicles. I was so scared that I couldn't move, just the sight of them made me tense up. Powers signaled to Majors to use the M65. I took aim at another Bot and searched for any weakspot. I noticed that the driver's head stuck up just enough for a shot.

     I steadied my sniper and put my finger on the trigger. I waited for Majors to fire first, then I would take my shot. I could see Johnson setting up his gun out of the corner of my eye and I could see Powers pull out a grenade.

Majors fired.

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