The Great White Death

It's snowing outside, pretty good too.  The Great White Death.  Here in Ohio it's kind of a joke because the local news media tends to exaggerate the situation.  Like tonight, they've cut in the television about once on the hour to update me, even hours before it started snowing.  You have to understand that we rarely get nailed with the kind of snowfall that warrants this kind of attention.  This isn't the blizzard of '77. No, they expect 3-4 inches by morning.  People up north laugh at us because even with 3-4 inches everything turns into pandemonium. I don't get offended because I know I'm not an idiot (at least in this case) and can drive in the snow.


On the average work day, I wake up, late, and it's about a 30-minute trek, with heavy traffic, into the office.  Throw 3-4 inches on the road and it's more like an hour and a half...seriously.  What's worse is if there is a quick, heavy snowfall in the mid afternoon, 3-4 inches, or even a really bad sleet/freezing rain.  For the past couple of seasons, we've had a few days where we'd get a pretty decent snow in the early/mid afternoon, maybe 4-5 inches or a really bad stretch of sleet and freezing rain.  These are the days I dread, because even considering the weather conditions, not everyone leaves early to beat it.  Worse yet is when everyone decides at 3:00 to leave early. Everyone.  At once.  Then there's the dumbasses like me who ignore the growing lines of traffic and say "oh, it'll clear up by 5:00." The last few times this has happened, and this is no shit, it took me close to 4 hours to drive home. FOUR HOURS.  For a drive that typically take 20 minutes in moderate traffic, a 14 mile distance.  This has to be attributed to, I think, the fact this is a high-volume area...too much traffic, too many exits/on-ramps bunched close together...My point is it sucks.

Now tomorrow I intend to get up early and attempt to get a head start on the traffic.  They're expecting even more snow tomorrow afternoon so I'm going to be watching the online reports like crazy all day, because I'll be damned if I'm going to partake in another 4-hour drive home 20 minutes away.  But who am I kidding, I'll oversleep because I'm up too late on eBaums and i'll be lucky to be in at work by 9:00.

I'm Live, and I can telecommute, but I just like to torture myself.

Uploaded 01/27/2009
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