The Great World Conspiracy

Everybody that's not an idiot knows that the world is being ruled by The People In Charge. Not the presidents. Not the UN. Not the Church (anymore). There's some people that want you to live and know certain things in a certain way. Face it. You're one of the dumb civilians and you get fed with the shit they want you to believe. You'll be shocked to learn the truth I tell you.

Did you heard about dragons? Of course you had. And the dinosaurs. The lizards that went extinct millions of years ago. What if I told you the dinosaurs are a lie?

Basically, there are accounts of dragons in almost every country around the world. Different cultures know the idea of dragons. Strange, isn't it? Where did they take it from? And the dinosaurs were discovered in the 20th century. Some weird shit, eh? Now, remember the medieval stories about a princess being kidnapped by a dragon and a knight went after her to save the maiden? Incredibly dumb shit. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Why did it sound legit to the people in like the 10th century?

Imagine this. The dragon KIDNAPPED the princess. How did he do that? He slipped to her room? Fitted onto the balcony? How do you imagine that shit happen? It was a 20 foot lizard. Ridiculous, huh? But wait, what if... the dragons were superior beings? They were smart, lived in caves gathering gold and other baller stuff. They probably had awesome mansions in those caves. They were told to be extremely smart. Why would they need to abduct princesses? Because...

Dragons were obviously shapeshifters. They looked like humans but could take on dragon forms and breathe fire. That's why they didn't send armies after the princess. Hundreds would die or suffer third degree burns in a direct battle with a dragon. One knight had to use guile to save the princess. Why did she need to be saved and why did he have to marry her? Because the dragon kidnapped her to have a baby with her. Why else would he do that? The knight had to marry her and act like it was his child. So that the superbaby (half-dragon) was protected by the Council of Humankind.

What were dragons, actually? We might never know. But we do know this. They were widely accounted in the medieval times and suddenly, nowhere to be found. I bet they are a secret society, perhaps the current rulers of the world. Loch Ness monster? Probably one of them trying out his dragon form. Had no idea someone was watching. But what about the dinosaurs? At some point some dumb ass archeologist found dragon bones. Of course they perished. They were dragons, I bet they battled each other. How do you explain that shit? Invent a story about some mighty lizards from millions of years ago and sell it to the kids.

It worked, didn't it? Explain this to me. If there were archeologists for centuries and they've found dinosaur bones for the first time in the 20th century. Why did they suddenly started finding more and more. Like thousands of different ones? It's because it's bull shit fabricated to cover up the existence of dragons. There are among us. And they rule the world. They didn't let Ron Paul into the elections. They knew he would be the scorn of the world if he became the US president.

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