The GreatER Depression

If anyone caught my blog from about a month ago, you would know that I had a bit of an epiphany with myself. I was shocked to see some of the blogs i wrote then, and how I've changed from that.
I spent another good hour searching through a lot of my posts from way back in the day and one of them really hit me. It was a thought to me then and its a thought to me now.

When the FUCK is the depression going to hit us? It's just a matter of time. Why don't we start preparing now to either prevent it or enact it better?

The way I see it, as i'm sure most of you do as well... Our economy is in the shit. The absolute fucking shit. Jobs are becoming a scarcity, theres no money for anyone, and all everybody wants to do is get more money for themselves. That's human nature. Everyone needs money to get by.

Back when I was in high school, I had a friend had life all figured out. By our junior year, he was allowed to leave early to go interning for jobs. He would do all kinds of intern jobs. Doesn't matter what he did though, he got a bunch of life experience from it. Our Senior year, he was already enrolled in college. His first day was the weekend right after our graduation. He was set. I find out about 3 months ago that he now has 2 kids and pushing unemployment. Where did he go wrong?

Now before you say it, as I thought of it as well as i was writing that last sentence, he did indeed like to party a bit. He smoked a bit, maybe he was a bit of a drinker too... But to no point was he ever to an extreme about it. If he drank, he would do it on the saturday so he would be hung over on sunday then back to his classes on monday sober as ever. His schooling was always first before he was partying.

What I'm saying is... with someone doing as well as he was, how did he fall so far? Is our society just preparing for a depression? should we start getting ready for it? CAN we get ready for it?

Maybe I just payed too much attention in history class, which happened to be my favorite subject, but if I learned anything, it's that history repeats itself. Are we doomed to stand in line for hours just to get a cup of cold soup?
Uploaded 02/04/2012
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