The Greatest Ebaums Story Ever Told. Let's Play!

Compared to my previous blogs this entry will be total fiction. Most of my previous blogs rely on truth, facts and an inherent regard for completely provable observations. Some quasi-intellectuals have attempted to poke holes in my  hypotheses with varying success, to their detriment. This  night however, anything goes, and all can contribute to the greatest Ebaum's Story Ever Told.

I have no predetermined course, I have no thesis, moral or idea to share. I am void of ambition with no goal to attain other than your entertainment. I will start this story, you can guide it with comments or chat with me. Keep it concise and original.

This is a group project. I need inspiration and cooperation. I shall begin, The Greatest Ebaum's Story Ever Told.
I sit unchallenged before the instrument that on one dimension allows me to express myself. On another dimension it borrows into my cranium like a drill looking for life sustenance. At first, it kills me, but then I realize it only feeds on my imagination to feed itself. I am not dead. I am part of a bigger picture.
Uploaded 03/25/2011
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