The Greatest Grand Theft Auto Game

There have been so many GTA games out now that it's hard to choose which is the best.  With the release of the new Grand Theft Auto IV, many people believe that it will be even better than the other Grand Theft Auto games in the past.  I've been playing the GTA games since Grand Theft Auto III came out in 2001.  That game started a whole new way of how the players played the game.  It became a first person shooting game with better graphics.  Although it had its faults, this was one of the best games out there at the time.  Rockstar Games have now made changes to the game so that your player can swim, buy new clothes and property, play pool and basketball, compete in more races, rob homes at night, conquer gang territories, and much more.  One of the best parts to these games is that you're not just stuck in doing the missions and then the game is over.  In Grand Theft Auto, you can explore the city and go wherever you want.  Each game has its good moments.  For instance, I like how in GTA: Vice City (2002), there's that 80s feel in a city resembling Miami.  Also, the voiceover cast is great with Ray Liotta and Philip Michael Thomas from Miami Vice.  In GTA: San Andreas (2004), despite the game being very long, a lot of the missions are fun to play and the best part is fighting against other gangs in their territories.  The two first Grand Theft Auto games were pretty good but were boring besides the missions.  In many people's minds and in mine, the greatest Grand Theft Auto game is the newest edition to the series Grand Theft Auto IV (2008).  GTA IV has the most features than any other game in the series and the city design has improved so much from previous editions.  You can now go into more buildings than ever before and raid stores. This game has received many excellent reviews and looks promising judging from the gameplay, graphics, storyline, and the missions done in the game.

Uploaded 06/14/2008
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