The Guessing Game

Blogs keep disappearing all of the sudden and it's obvious that some butt hurt fag keeps flagging them. It's weird that it's usually mine or Frogbob's articles that vanish. Who's responsible? Someone with a lot of alts and no life. It must be a user who hates both me and the Frogs, so here's the 3 main suspects.

Rednote67 - the wannabe musician takes out his rage on me because I actually have both talent and skill. His wife left him and all he does now is whine about his miserable life - the main topic of the crappy blues he plays at the local pub in New Orleans. He doesn't have an actual job and lives of tips people give him at the bar. This gives him a lot of free time to spam people's profile with private messages, acting like he's actually an artist or whoring for attention from people who learned how to play instruments properly.

Hunterdad - a creepy pedophile who keeps fantasizing about his son being molested by perverts, then posting that in comments to blogs from actual bloggers. He'll use alts to thumb up his own comments and even ask his other no-life friends to join. He keeps telling people he has a job, but he's here 24/7, refreshing for my comments. The names of his alts usually correspond to male genitalia and feces (turdpan, baseballstank, etc.).

Tyaeda - a high school drop-out, who kept blogging about how she works as her daddy's assistant at the docks, welding ships together 70 hours a day. Everybody knows a monkey could be tought how to weld, but they recently fired her. It seems she spent more time at the shipyard's computer room, checking if I replied to her comment in my blog, then making 5 ripostes to that and thumbing herself up. I proved her rating her own blogs from alts and 1starring people she doesn't like with the multiple accounts she uses.

Who could it be? Who's responsible? Think for a moment and write your answer down in the comments.

Uploaded 04/07/2011
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