The "guts" effect.

    Ok, so I just finished reading the book "Haunted" for the second time.  Awesome read, but there is one story that still disgusts me at the beginning of the book.  That would be the short story called "Guts".  What is "Guts" you might ask.  In essence it's a three part story about how masturbation can go horribly...horribly wrong.  Now what the "Guts" effect is is something different all together.  In the new afterward of haunted Chuck (the author) provides a warning.  Apparently, to date roughly 74 people have passed out or fainted at book signings after hearing the story read aloud.  It's even become an internet phenomenon with people trying to get their friends to pass out by reading it aloud from any number of websites.  My plan after reading the afterward was to try to get my girlfriend to pass out by reading the story to her, however after realizing that she had a stronger stomach than most men i know i opted out and decided to see how many EBW users i could get to pass out.  As soon as i can get ahold of some more AAA batterys i will be recording "Guts" and posting it in the Audio/Prank Calls section of EBW. 


    Mind you that this isn't nearly as disgusting as the BME Pain Olympics (watching that shit almost made me pass out), but it is incredibly graphic.  After i post that submission if you enjoy it, i would highly reccomend that you check out "Haunted".  It tries to create horror/terror around comon household objects...a carrot...a piece of wax...a bowling ball...and all in all will leave you thinking, especially the last short story by the book's villan.  Anyway i suppose that i'll leave it at that, be sure to check the Audio section in the coming weeks (i want to make sure that i nail the narrative when i read it so it's perfect) and see if you find yourself laughing, crying, or simply blacking out after hearing the story.  Anyway, i'm out.  Later all.

Uploaded 01/11/2009
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