The hard Knock Life

I am an intelligent black man.  i have been segregationed, I have been the target of racism, i have been falsely arrested, i have been falsely convicted, i have been falsely identified, i have been falsely at the scene of the crime when i was accually not even there. There have been many injustices in my life, but i dont like to look only at those bad things that happened to me when i shouldnt have been done to me. I like to look at the tings that make me strong for what i been through and look more furtherer into the things that mean the most to me.  My 3 sons and 2 daughters, that God has given me in the replacements of the injustices that have occured in my life. My family means so much to me and i try to spend as much time with my children as i can, we go out to ball games and arcades and the movies almost every weekend, each weekend that i get to see them we do something fun and exciting and i am proud to be a great father that is able to spend time with my kids when i get to see them. Even with all the injustices that happened to me, I was still able to go to college and get an education, i learned something and put it to use. i am a hard worker and i owe that to my father, because by him not being there for me and my brothers, it made us stronger and more able to fend for ourselves, we basically raised ourselves, i was working since i was 9 years old sweeping the corner markets floor for groceries. I went through a hard knock life but i dont try too look at the baddest parts, i look at the parts that mean the most to me, my babys, and my money, and my family. Its a hard knock life. Out.
Uploaded 02/28/2011
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