The Hero, a Destructive Force.

We are all aware that corruption is a part of everyday life. Most of us just accept it and do what we feel a need to do. The worse things is,  we just accept the bullshit. I as a human being, am totally adversed to that, and want to take down the assholes who perpetuate the situation. 

The Fucking movies portray heroes doing things that are physically impossible for people to do, in an atmosphere where all the assholes have the advantage, but in the end still lose.  

Do you have any idea what this train of thought perpetrates in most people? "A Hero will save us". Like Obama or Rocky, it leaves us unprepared and psychologically unaware of what's actually happening.   

The Quebec government has been exposed as being totally corrupted with a hundred officials being charged and at least one city mayor disappearing. 
The stupid public thinks it's because some super hero came forth and cracked it all open. You bunch of stupid idiots, it's because a more powerful, corrupted organisation has taken it over. 

If society wants a fair and open society, then it must make the sacrifices a super hero would. If it is incapable or unwilling, then, excuse my French, Damn you all to hell! You got what you deserve!!!

Uploaded 11/01/2012
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