The Holidays are about Family, and so are weddings apparently.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, I certainly did!  

About a week ago the bf and I decided to get engaged, and eventually married some time this summer.  Unfortunately nobody seems to be taking us seriously when it comes to our plans.

Rob and I are nontraditional, informal people. We're not big on social situations.  If you're anything like us and want to stir up shit in your family - tell your relatives you're getting eloped.  Worked for us.   And if you're looking to insult the family you hope to be apart of some day, tell them that you're both getting a tattoo opposed to jewelery.

I don't want a ring for practical purposes.  I wouldn't want to lose the most important piece of jewelery I would own to the mud pit that is my workplace.  Doesn't take much to break off a peg on the placement and lose a $500 diamond.  I could always get a simple band, but even that's most likely to get damaged.   Rob and I came up with what we thought was a great alternative - matching tattoos.   What we want to do is get a scene on our forearms that creates one continuous piece of art when we put them together.  My tattoo will be of a Geisha and his of a Samurai to commemorate our shared love for Kung-Fu movies and traditional Japanese culture/art.  Hidden in each tattoo will be other symbols that have to do with our relationship.  Only we'll know they're there and why. 

Best part is - We can't lose them!   Unless either one of us is in some horrific accident, we'll always be bound by art.  To us, that's far more romantic and meaningful than anything the clerk at Kay's Jewelers can pressure us into.  "Diamonds are forever" well so are tattoos... except tattoos don't ever come off.  Our families don't get it.  They want pictures, dress shopping trips, and bridesmaids.  They want to scream like little girls at the sight of something shiny.  "He must really love you".... well no shit.  They want us to make promises to an entity neither of us believe in (God).  They want me to be something I'm not - girly. 

I find no comfort or joy in formal gatherings, dressing up, or trips to the florists.  I refuse to wear high heels, and up-do's give me headaches.   But it's not like we're leaving our other loved ones out of the picture.  There will certainly be a party.  Just to make sure everyone feels appreciated, there will be an open bar, and a great meal.... hopefully they like BBQ - professional hire of course.

No ceremony though.  Fuck vows... everyday we're together is a promise kept.  And if permanently marking our bodies with matching artwork isn't a big enough sign of our plans to be together forever, there's something wrong with you. 

I sound defensive, and I am.  To be myself, and have a good time - I have to be.   It seems like our families are forgetting that one traditional factor - it's about the couple, we should be happy.   The very last thing either of us would do, especially on "our day", is go through the motions of some other person's idea.  We don't do it now, we're not making the exception.

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