The honor of winning..........

To all the people who were lucky enough to have voted for the winner in this years election I would like to say congratulations. Have you ever watched the end of a World series or football game and see the winners taunt the loser? No of course not and the reason for this is class and respect for their competition. I think if given time people will calm down if everyone will allow it to happen because if you think about it we all want the same thing and that is to survive this trying time. Next time you see somebody say something bad about your choice try to think about this and all you winners out there have some class for crying out loud. People are not whining they are scared and they wonder why you aren't. Instead of being happy to rub someones nose in the victory think about the fact that you may not be the winner after all, we may yet ALL be in it up to our eyeballs. The final thought I have on this is the reason I asked the winners to have some class and not ask the losers to do the same is when you are humbled you are trying to just get by and it IS much easier to show some class when you are in the proverbial catbird seat.


Thanks again for reading Bo(ditch digger)hank

Uploaded 11/07/2008
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