The Human Spirit

My fellow humans,

On the intrinsic value of individuality, I cannot write a lengthy enough tract that would come close to proclaiming my devout adherence to this simple concept. You are you. There is no other like you. The higher up and out of the great-soup that is mainstream consciousness you go, the rarer and more sublime your soul becomes. Welcome to a small but ever expanding group. A group of individuals. We are the resistance.

Myself and many others rack our brains, and our hearts for the best way to proceed in this great challenge of the times, the implementation of the post-human age (remember, this means the end of human), the great locust-machine that will plague us.if we do not sever its head soon. But like any swarm, this enemy has many heads and many centres. We see it everywhereWhich is why the fight-back must be accurate, precise, all encompassing, and be perpetrated by enough human beings so that it may have any chance of succeeding. Hell, of course it will succeed. Freedom or death, and death itself is the path to more freedom. The moment you make the choice to work towards ending the current system, you are free. The moment you realise you are a fighter in the resistance, you are free. The instant your heart chimes in tune to your destiny, you are free.

You must first break free from the chains in your mind. You have been programmed to such an extent that it is as if a lobotomy has been performed on your spirit. But this is not a problem. The human spirit is not a limb without possibility of regrowth, the spirit is a conceptual aspect of consciousness, and once you open those thoughts and pathways.well, soon it is a flood.

Free your mind. Become one with your fear. Accept it. Do not run from it. What I mean is, you need to go to those places in your soul which make you afraid. Find the parts inside you that you do not like (those fascist anger-riddled vengeful green eyed demons we all have inside) and reconcile yourself with them. See that all viciousness (which we all have) is the result of a hurting of the spirit. A corruption/interference of the path from information to love and vice versa.  Become your fear. Let it consume you. Feel afraid. Close your eyes. You see? Its OK now, you are afraid yet alive. You have gained a deeper knowledge because you are not stuck in one side of the duality (yes, a false duality, but our reality construct in this universe has them everywhere). By accepting the dark side as a part of you, you become whole. Not only this, but you can then use your dark side in unison with the light side, and use it to fight more effectively. You have no demons except the ones you allow to make you scared. If you know your demons, they do not scare you anymore.

The greatest danger to the system in place is that people walk away from it. With fear and love in your heart. The fear shows you that you are humble and learning. The love is the courage you have to face your fears. Daily. What can I recommend from my subjective experience? As Bill Hicks said, no jobs, no bank account. I have succeeded in both. I do not pay tax, nor have I done so for a year so far. I do not buy meat. I do not obey anyone. I get arrested sometimes because of this. I do not take my mobile (cell) phone with me everywhere I go.

These are but secondary 3D world examples. The main one is the choice you have to make in your heart. You have to make the choice to either carry on endorsing the system at the basic day-to-day level. Or you make the choice to live differently, and ride the flamboyant roller-coaster of rebellion. Ah, but what joy it brings. Again, I speak from subjective experience, and I do not for one moment wish to tell you to live this way. I, however, have made the choice. And I like it.

Sure, you may think you have a lot to lose. The regular salary, the payments to various debts you hold (dump them), the house, the mortgage, the rent. The ego driven desire to fit in and seem successful. These trivial and dehumanising pre-packaged roles that we are meant to assimilate.

There is another, more glorious success in store for you when you follow the path of novelty.

The success of no compromise. The success of a resonating perceiver-outside world that brings in wonderful and magical adventures, with spectacular characters popping up regularly. The success of the knowing that what you are doing is right. That perhaps it is the answer you have been looking for. That beating, throbbing, pulsating area of thought which drives you nearly mad, the question of what is it to be human?

What is the big beast we face? Who are they, when we speak of the psychopaths that drive this world stage with war, death, famine and inequality? They are the furthest possible reaches of dysfunction, and this is partly the fault of the power these individuals are subjected to. They are trying to impose their paranoid and machine-thinking vision of paradise on Earth. But before this, they represent the greatest demon we all hold inside us. The demon is the simple terror of committing great evils when even yourself are convinced that it might possibly be good. Good for everyone.

A small thought experiment: Run through the basic run-down of the elite. Form a human-robot interface world with genetic engineering of all strata of society to implement the brave new world order. Murder billions of people, the useless eaters, in order to keep the planet beautiful for their enjoyment. Trap sentience down to the machine level, so that the slaves never know they are slaves (we see this today).

Yes, I know, it sounds like something from the dark imagination of a teenage sci-fi enthusiast. But this is precisely my point; because we can imagine something so dark we see it manifest in the life we are living. Aha! We have arrived at the meeting ofgreat evil with purpose. The purpose of great evil is to bring the great good. I like to visualise it in my mind as a great catapult of fractal space-time being pulled into the shit so that it fires out into the excellent and, like an exploding firework, shoots whole new possibilities of wonder into the void. Perhaps this is the meaning of great evil? We are most certainly supposed to understand this darkness, and in understanding anythingwe lose fear of it. This is why we spend so much time researching chemtrails, secret societies, outright fascism, and the various crimes of the current system. We want to know. We want to understand. We want to lose fear.

Be very brave. The rewards are exhilarating. This universe loves courage. This reality will conspire with you towards the good.

The LPA is in early stages, but we hope to build a form of army of individuals, with no hierarchy, and decisions being made on how good they are, rather than on who has made them. This army will gather for actions, adventures in the matrix, and to also take things to a whole new level. 100 people with strong spirit is better than 2 people with strong spirit. We must lead by example. One thing I have learned is that people want to make the free-will choice without too much influence, that choice being whether to unplug from the illusion or not.

We wish to make the actions we perform a lot more powerful, and hopefully they will resonate with the human public, so that they know they are not alone. We are, after all, trying to wake people up. This is difficult work.

In conclusion, we believe that the best way forward is by total resistance to the everyday world we subject ourselves to. Use the world, but do not be its slave. Enjoy the cities, but do not let the cities enjoy you. If you want a different way, live the different way. The rest will fall into place. I promise.

With much love

-Charlie Veitch

Uploaded 11/30/2010
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