The incident

So the other day when I woke up I remembered I had to visit my nephew. I quickly got dressed and noticed I lost my keys I searched everywhere in the house than I noticed They were tangled inside of the hairs on my vagina along with eastside_dave's police whistle. I unlocked the beetle mobile and sat down on the soft fur seat. I had to twist the keys quite hard before I could get the beetle mobile to start. On my way to my little nephew's house I noticed I had an uncontrolable urge to masturbate, I knew that sooner or later I would have to get it out of my system. If I pulled over I would be late to see my nephew and I wouldnt want to dissapoint him again. I decided to take the freeway I was hoping to see a huge crash and five 'o clock traffic so If I were late I would atleast have an excuse, but nothing there wasnt even the slightest bit of traffic. As I switched lanes I felt my boner slowly start to emerge from my zipper until it was touching the steering wheel. I thought for a moment and I finally realized I could not properly drive with this incredible hornyness. As I looked I realised that I actually had enought time to quickly stop at a seven eleven. I pulled over greeted the store clerk and saw a sack of ice, I purchased the ice and quickly sat it in my lap thinking it would take away my erection, I was right. I went the whole drive without the slightest boner.

Then I finally got there in time to greet my nephew seconds later after having a brief conversation with my brother the boner was back. I knew the ice probably melted by now so I was in deep shit. I asked where the bathroom was and after my nephew politely showed me, I locked the door and went to town! Soon I realized that there was no lubricant or soap, I let out a miserable sigh and was about to walkout of the room when something caught my eye it was a container of bubble soap! I grin quickly spread across my face, I lathered my self up and finished jacking myself off, I felt so relieved.

The next morning I knew something was wrong, I felt a very strong dry pane on my penis, I thought at first it was just a little sore. Then I made the mistake of looking down! My entire penis was red and stinging, I thought for a long while then I remembered it had to have been that bubble soap! My penis got the worst case of soap dryness I have ever seen! It became so bad that the skin began to peel off leaving me in a horrible torrent of pain. From that day on I never used and type of soap as lubricant EVER again!

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