The Insanity of Mizuka Part 2

so for some reason I couldn't save this as one blog, heres the rest.....


After this Mizuka wrote me this message....


-You keep continuing your silliness? You lost already. Keep at least remains of dignity. The accounts you listed are subscribed to me? No.

 Facts are:

 That is why you think I have faceless alts? I do not have even one. You said yourself you used that Gladiator33 one to 5 star your uploads. You have probably many more. That is why you are so obsessed with alts. Neko said you do not show yourself in user vid. It is actually truth! 3 guys play basketball and not even the  "hi" users were supposed to say. Seems like you are the paranoid weirdo that is obsessed with me.

 I closed F.U.C.K. - get over it. You want tell me something, do it like a man, not like a wimp you are, asking users to attack me giving them your stupid MSPaint pic you made of faceless alts I did not make. Maybe it was you who made them and joined my fan group just so you fabricate proof for your silliness.

 Let it go - you are a traitor rat that keeps attacking me and asking people to do same. If you look back, you will realize I never did that to you. You probably heard that a lot from many people but I will tell you anyway: I do not want to be your friend.

 Quit stalking me, quit making silly comments about me, quit continuing your stupid investigation. For now you just annoy me, trust me, you do not want to become my enemy.-


Aight! im gonna break this message down.


First off, Yes Gladiator33 is my alternate account, and Yes I used to five star my videos, but after I found out that mods could see who rates media, I stopped doing it around November 2009. As you can see I haven't logged in since 5 weeks ago, and I just did that to prove it to a user, maybe Mizuka. 


About the user vid, yeah I'm sure some people would be uncomfortable doing it, some people asked me to take their video out, I don't see anything wrong with that. But we all know, there's NO WAY in HELL Mizuka will submitted a user vid. I wonder why?


ALSO, Mizuka likes to think I'm obsessed with her or "stalking" her, I guess it gives her a hard on to think guys are actually doing that. 


But I may know the reasons why she thinks that....


1. Everything I listed above - (doesn't sound very stalkerish to me)


2. I also received some information about Mizuka's validity of actually being Japanese. A specific user, who I shall not name, told me (without my asking) that he/she had a friend from Japan. This friend from Japan looked at Mizuka's facebook account from the fan page and said there is no way she is originally from Japan. She made mistakes in the language that only foreigners make, and her language was sketchy and broken.


So one day I decided to ask Mizuka if she was indeed Japanese. About 2 or 3 hours of conversation, Mizuka still couldn't and refused to answer the question "are you japanese?" seems kind of weird, knowing a simple yes could have ended it a long time ago. I suspected that she suspected I knew something so she wouldn't answer the question, because then I would know she was lying. 


then I decided to ask others users, "did Mizuka ever tell you she was Japanese?" and I think I asked about 2 or 3 users, and they all said yes. 


So that's pretty much it, those are the reasons Mizuka thinks I'm a stalker; because I found suspicious faceless accounts in the back of the Mizuka FTW group and I asked other users one simple question about her legitimacy about being Japanese.


If she would have admitted to me, "yes, I made some alternate accounts to subscribed to myself" this wouldn't have blown so far out of proportion. 


Also, there was another incident of a specific user that likes to track specific girls' ips on a specific website who actually tracked her ip. This specific user told me (without my asking again) where he tracked it to, and I'm pretty sure thats another reason Mizuka thinks I stalk her, when I had nothing to do with it. (and I'm not going to tell you where the user track her to, because I don't really care and she could use proxies to disguise it, but it certainly wasn't Japan)


Last, to explain the ending of that last message,


After all these accusations, Mizuka has been harassing me and bothering the shit out of me almost every day on meebo, dying for me to believe her utter ridiculous lies. So I decided to block her and take her off my friend's list. and now she doesn't want to be friends with me. (im glad about that)


This is the internet Mizuka, people don't usually make "friends" on the internet, especially if there are "insane" or "psycho" people that come on here. *wink* *wink*


So PLEASE, Mizuka, stop being a bitch.


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