The Insanity of Mizuka


Alright, I was trying to end this but Mizuka has sent me two messages in the last two days that were really funny. Here is the first one....


-The F.U.C.K. I posted this week is the last of the series. I close it.

 I do not wish you use the name of series I devised, since you do not deserve it.

 I made it very clear that this is the last Friday Unearthly Cleavage Knockout, so spare remains of your dignity and do not whine about it.

 I am not taking it away from you. I just close it. You did this to yourself. I never did anything to earn your enmity, yet you chose to oppose me.

 You are type of people I despise. The thing is I never lied to you. Believe it or not. You are the scum that brought users to attack your own friend because of your obsession.-


So, after I read this I decided to just ignore it, because nyyank257 was going to do the next F.U.C.K. and then deevo25 after him. Also Mizuka did created the F.U.C.K. series, BUT she gave it to me. Last week she asked me if she could do a F.U.C.K. and i said fine and i was wondering why she was asking me since she created it, but she insisted that it was mine so she had to ask me to do one. So I don't know where she gets the idea she can just close it when it gets a lot of hits on this website. 


She states I don't deserve it, that sounds pretty silly, but what is even sillier is her reasons why she doesn't think I deserve it. So here's the story of the MemphisT56 & Mizuka controversy.....


So it all started when I wrote a blog back in late May, it was called "Top 25 Most Subscribed" It seemed pretty legit because that wasn't much gap in the number of subscribers users have, except for ViciousDick, but we all know its because he uploaded massive amounts of porn. 


Anywho! I noticed something strange in the coming months. Mizuka's subscribers were flying up at rapid fire, I suspected something fishy. So one day I went to the Mizuka FTW group, and I knew that the recently created accounts were in the back of the group's page section and the accounts that were made a long time ago are in front. 


What I found were these four faceless accounts....


Seem pretty suspicious huh? Each account has not been logged in since they were created, have no recent activity, Media watched is VERY low, if not 1. and they are all subscribed to Mizuka and in the Mizuka FTW group. It's kinda weird someone would just created an account just to do that, amirite?


Also I found these three accounts while writing this blog...


They all seem pretty suspicious. 


After I brought these accounts to Mizuka and asked her if these were actually her, she said no. What's even more unbelievable is that she said she had only ONE alternate account! and MrsNekoJeans isn't it. If that's not funny I don't know what is. 


But what is funny is Mizuka's subscribers...


Subscribers: 1,374 - 2nd most subscribed

DAMN! that's a lot of subscribers

let's do some math shall we?

So in my blog, I wrote on May 28th 2010, Mizuka had 534 subscribers. 

That means Mizuka gained 840 subscribers in 86 days!

That ALSO means Mizuka obtained 9.767 subscribers A DAY! since May 28th 2010. 

That is 10 subscribers daily.

That is near 1000 subscribers in a summer, now doesn't that sound fishy to you? and she will soon pass ViciousDick for the 1st most subscribed. I hope it's worth it.


As for me, I don't give a damn about the number of subscribers I have, I'm not trying to be popular on this website, it's not fuckin high school. I just want to submit great content, whether it's "borrowed" ;) or original work, and have FUN on ebaumsworld. That's what it was created for (and money) But Mizuka seems to care A LOT about what people think of her online identity. 




Mizuka sent me ANOTHER message recently. First I will show you my comment then her message.


I said on her FAP 34, "DougReinholm, MrsKebukaiJeans, MrsNekroJeans,

and maybe Steven_Seagal." 


These were 4 accounts that 5 starred Mizuka's FAP 34 pretty quickly after it was submitted and looked just as suspicious as the ones I listed above.


heres the link to it ----


After this Mizuka wrote me this message....


-You keep continuing your silliness? You lost already. Keep at least remains of dignity. The accounts you listed are subscribed to me? No.

 Facts are:

 That is why you think I have faceless alts? I do not have even o

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