The interactive blog!!! multiple endings. *updated*

You enter a dark room and you hear the door close behind you.As you start to panic your hurt your wrist trying to collapse the jarred door. You now see two doors with light entering from underneath both of them. One red light ,the other a blue. which will you pick , [A]Red light     [B]Blue light


[A][B] You enter the room and notice they are the same room,with two lamps one red and one blue. Now you feel stupid as you hear the door slam once again and the door lock...A dark figure approaches And out of the corner of your eye you see two items on either corner of the room. A taxidermy stuffed and mounted Human baby on the right corner or a gun in the left.You only have time to grab one before the person has caught up to you. Will you grab [A] taxidermy baby   or [B] The gun.


[A][B] You grab the item and notice it isnt loaded , you were hoping it was.You begin to thrash the figure with your baby or gun and you notice its a clone of you!!!

Once you collect yourself you begin dispose of the clone hacking at it with a rather small pocket knife, the smell of shit eminates from the clone. It moves.... It isnt dead or is it!!??? Its a fucking zombie!!!! Holy fucking shit!!! You are now happy you removed its arms and legs...You pick up the zombie torso...Carefull you can still get shit on your clothes.You begin to feel sad for the gimped zombie...You decide To end his life by throwing him through the door. That was nice.. your not as big an asshole as you hoped to be huh!? Just as you are about to exit the little house, a television close by begins to broadcast emergency zombie evacuation messages...

To be continued......  or not!..... it has to be actualy.. im bored


Idiot wanna least elimem was kinda funny.. Yes they are the same .....Did you realy need to point that out? you failed........At least be funny... Please try.. And hack at the gun?? wtf......I dont even know what to say to you.... Hack the gun???Damn buddy.....  ...... Its ok to troll but be funny...

Despite your attitude i appreciate you guys reading my blog....I mean you didnt have to... Its kind of sad you still read my stuff....Not much to do??im sorry for you..

Matt the the zombie leader

Uploaded 11/24/2008
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