the joys of sulfuric acid

i have a job that requires me, on occasion, to handle hazardous chemicals. one of those chemicals is the afore mentioned sulfuric acid. now, it isnt that bad to get on your hands/skin in small quantities. it tingles at first and smokes, then it burns, and then it relly burns. i have performed tests with it on myself. cuts burn really bad. well, one night i was covering days off for a guy on a diffrent rig. he tells me everything is rigged up and ready to go if they ask me to turn the acid pump on. great, grand, super. later that night one of the rig hands informs me that they need me to fire my shit up. ok, cheif. i walk over to where the acid pump is located. it's in the shadows and i dont have a goddamn flashlight. i bend down to flip the switch and as i do the fuckin hose blows off and shoots acid over my saftey glasses and directly into my eyes. FUCK! my eyes are on fire! my face is burning like a bad sunburn. now i'm blind and on a new rig and i dont know where all the water hoses are located or the fuckin eyewash station is even at. i stumble around the side of the mud pits, knocking my knees on shit, banging my shins. i get up the metal stairs and find the sink. i have to wash my hands first cuz i know they are just covered in acid. i can feel the acid sizziling on my face and i just know i'm gonna see some sort of damage from this. i finally wash my face and eyes out and go back dwnstairs. obviously my eyes are workin just fine, no damage there. looking at the pump up close i can tell the dipshit i relieved didnt secure the hose to the pump. i fix that then go look at my mug in the mirror. nuthin. i mean, my face was still there, just as ugly as it was before, but no damage. wow, got lucky. not really. i was watching the history channel not but three days afterwards and they had a show about chemicals and the history behind them. sulfuric acid came up and they show this guy drop a hot dog into a beeker full of the shit. it took six hours for the dog to become complete mush. it wont mushify you, but it burns like hell. anyone need to take care of a body? i got open access to sulfuric acid and some 55 gallon drums.



Big Bad, for the record this is injury blog #3. maybe next i will tell the tale of how i fractured my skull. in my own house.



Uploaded 01/11/2009
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