The Kingdom of eBaum's. Introduction

 I Letemdangle,  the protector of the Castle Blog,

 Does now protest the announcement of propriety upon the Castle. I have maintained and defended it's walls, kept law and order and protected the down trodden. Before me, many were vanquished by the evil Witch of the East, Neko the dragon slayer. 

May her image burn into the minds of men!

After our heroic struggle many were lost including our beloved Straight Jacket Girl.


Frogbob, the amphibian guard of the mote fell to the spell of  a women's charms, allowing the captivating Rin to enter through the castle's gate.  

 Her presence eventually corrupted the consciousness of men as she used voodoo and poisoned snakes to  paralyse free thought among men. tumblr_mh5gs1NLhQ1r1k6d5o1_500.jpg

Tyeada from the North, conjured up her own magic, using her well formed figure, smoked bacon, maple syrup and internationally accepted Canadian identity, to fend off the evils of the witches. But she fell short, due to a giant pot hole that smashed her wheel, leaving her vulnerable to the onslaught of hundreds of hungry kittens.530071397_1465986.gif

FuzzyWuzzy, once the pulse of the community fell under the spell of the Wicked Witch Rin. Now aged, fell silent and his once child like innocence gave way to a quiet malevolence. VictorianZombie_zpsebfad3d0.jpg

His great imagination conjured up thoughts of a great queen, but even his vast wealth could not explain why Rin remained perplexed by simple questions, such as, "What time is it" or "Do oaks come from acorns"?tumblr_mc0js7S6Vt1qzgf1uo1_1280.jpg

One day DeunanKnute returned from a great adventure, having found acceptance in the last place imaginable, the arms of a wild tiger.  He swore to return home and advocate for the benefits of tiger's milk.


Deevo the mockingbird,  remixed the thoughts and tunes of the ignorant down trodden as he paraded and repeated just out of reach along the turrets edge.  

One day, smb275 ventured into this mixed bag of miscreants and eventually took his own life by trying to relieve the pressure using a power drill.

PepperPeanut  fornicated with his first cousin and the Castle Blog fell.tumblr_lnze3vSLfX1qhr4cpo1_400.gif

Sparks158, lost his hair, was adopted by a developmentally challenged  southern bell by the name of Phylisio and pleasured himself daily with his now textured tongue. 

As for me? I'll just keep tripping along!tumblr_mgjwae4y4r1r3bsx0o1_250.gif

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