The Laugh that Won't Leave!

One Night I fell asleep and as I slept a dream begun to play.

"Hi Stack and Twig" I called walking towards them. They both seem to hesitate as I get a bit closer but than they continue walking. Didn't they hear me hmm?? They must be deaf i think to my self as I Yell this time louder! Still they just keep walking. Where are they going? Why can't they hear me? I wonder are they mad at me did I do something wrong? As I continue Following they turn down into an alley and than into a garage. What are they doing? As I enter the garage everything starts to slowwww down (I hate the dreams where it's so hard to move slow motion) what the?? Whats happening? My vision goes blurry and my body goes weak!! Help me Whats Going on I'm scared!!
Stack, Twig I yell...Out of nowhere I can slowly hear someone Laughing Who is it? Why are they laughing? the louder it gets the more creepy and evil it becomes HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Continues laughter so crystal clear that I wake up screaming and in tears and even after that I can still hear the Laughter that Evil Laughter ringing in my ears!!

((Shudder)) this was a Scary Ass Dream!!!        Stack - Best friend        Twig - Brother        ~Lunar~
Uploaded 04/29/2011
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