The Laughing Werewolves of Greece.

This legend was told to me by my best friend's visiting uncle from Greece. 

There is a bridge in Greece  known as the Laughing Bridge, but it is no laughing matter.  Even today people don't cross it at night, for that is when danger lurks.  
The bridge is located in Konitsa Greece. Here is a picture of it. 


As the legend goes, when children crossed it at night,  werewolves would chase the children across it.  If the children screamed out of fear  the werewolves would eat them.

On one such evening,  a group of boys crossed the bridge. All but one ran across as fast as possible. The one boy stood his ground unafraid.  He told the wolves to go away and never return. This was an oddity for the werewolves and they were unsure of what to do.  After some intense growling and barking the boy was still unafraid and repeated his demands.

Miraculously, the werewolves did retreat back into the woods, respectful of this little man's courage.  The boy grew proud, his friends cheered and then the little brave boy did something he would regret. He stood on the bridge, laughed at his defeated foes and ridiculed them as weak useless animals.

The boy did not know the werewolves let him go out of respect for his courage, but they would not allow a prideful arrogant son to return to the village. The brave little boy was killed and transformed into a werewolf.  In fact, they made him leader of the pack to serve his sentence for all eternity.

In Konitsa, the wolves do not howl at night they laugh, as a reminder to always be respectful of all that is around you. 

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