The Leader in Providing Video Gaming E-Commerce Solutions

Digital Interactive Systems Corporation is the leading technology partner to front-rank games retailers and gaming community sites such as GoGamer, Firing Squad and After millions of dollars in development and testing, Digital Interactive now has available a web based version for entrepreneurs that are looking for the best way to generate a new revenue channel.

Digital Interactive delivers a turnkey solution supported by the latest technology with a level of customer care service that is unmatched in the video gaming industry. That is why companies like Dell, HP, Sony and more do business with us and why one of our products has won the coveted “Best of Show” award at CES, the largest consumer electronics show in the world.

Digital Interactive Systems Corporation is the video gaming industry’s leading provider of integrated marketing solutions for video games and accessories. Our products include boxed games, downloadable games for PC and cell phones, strategy guides, consoles, accessories and more.

Video gaming is the fastest growing form of entertainment today with U.S. revenues exceeding movie box office, DVD rentals and music sales. Digital Interactive Systems Corporation (“Digital Interactive”) is the leading developer of Internet marketing systems for video games and accessories. Using our patented technology, our Affiliates and Partners provide consumers with access to the latest and best in boxed video games, downloadable video games, video game strategy guides, video game consoles and gaming accessories. For the first time ever, consumers have quick and easy single-source access to virtually every video game on the market, in every major format, delivered in every possible way: PC, console, mobile and cell games; physical box, digital box, digital download and cell phone; purchase, paid subscription, and ad supported.

U.S. retail sales of video games jumped 57 percent to $1.7 billion in March, market researcher NPD Group reported Thursday.

“You’d never know that the U.S. Economy was under distress by looking at the video games industry sales figures,” said NPD analyst Anita Frazier.

Proprietary Technology

With our video gaming systems, consumers experience unparalleled start-and-play speed and convenience through our three patent-protected technologies: BuyNPlay ™ technology for downloadable games, LoadNPlay™ technology for boxed games, and FindNPlay™ technology for games already stored on the customer’s computers. These technologies make ours the most consumer-friendly video gaming solution anywhere.

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