The Levity of Creative Humanity

Just a deep discussion I had with myself...

      What is the importance of creativity? In order to advance as human beings, we must obtain the uncommon ground of intellectual creativity. In order to develop into human beings, we must obtain the common psyche of what creativity is. Both of these statements are born with us, will eventually collide in terms of maturity, and allow us to venture into the world with the rule of imagination, guided by our creative sense of belonging. To create is to bring a light over what is not perceivable to the naked eye at the present; a solution, or part of a solution that is to a problem, may or may not exist, or already have viable outcome.

     The child asks himself: 'Who am I? Where did I come from? How did the world come into being? Who created man and all the animals? What is the purpose of life?' True, he ponders these vital questions not in the abstract, but mainly as they pertain to him. We live, in quota of our minds extent, to the rules of our imagination. As children we breathe to life the answers of the world. These answers are tangible in the mind of a child, as it provides a base of belief perceivable only to him, because the world is immediate; he is the center of this world.

      As that same child grows, he finds himself more and more apt to become familiar with worlds created by others. The worlds of his own and other's form, bond, separate, and regenerate just as friends do. He finds himself in a "cradle" of sorts amongst his peers, and shows his ideas and accepts others' experiences. The ideological deck of cards is shuffled, and the creative process is born within once again.

     Higher learning intuitively provides higher thinking. The ideas that drive the adolescent give prospect to his own identity, and what he must do to secure his place amidst the newly found world (made of all the other smaller worlds he found as a child) as a whole. He creatively conjures his own outcome on levels of personal prosperity. In doing so he finds a sense of levity. He might enjoy watching the critical acclaim he receives, or maybe his creativity might have lead him astray and now he must think of new possibilities to gain success.

     There is a point between adolescent and adult that comes as abstract thinking. "May God us keep/From Single vision & Newton's sleep." Science provides a form of thinking that believes everything has a causation, and we must find the basic element to which caused what and why. Religion, on the other hand, gives into the belief that things are as they should be; we are delivered from a higher power, and we must attest to the laws given from the power that bind us. The boy-now-man searches now for the balance between the two.
In finding a path to his own enlightenment, and a balance between science and spirituality, the man in turn now creatively devises ways to find the answers. He uses equations, study, fact, fiction and otherwise to discourse his path and find levity in things like love, work, school, and family. He shares the ideas with the world and the world shares with him. The interaction gives insight to further give way to human advance.

     Man finally enters the stage of decay that slows the creative sensitivity of a mind. Though this occurs, wisdom and experience are thus brought into the light of the world. The mind still has the insatiable desire to create, and it will, but it now focuses solely on what has been learned from creations past. He will teach and provide for the next generation, thus providing the full circle of knowledge and life, all thanks to the simple task of creativity.

     The life of a human is a powerful life to behold. In examples of the past we have seen nations rise and crumble in err of human nature. Science has given rise to what are considered miracles by many, and religion has given a firm base to where we need to start as higher thinkers. It is a silly thing to say that God had provided something scientifically common as toothpaste. But it would make sense to say that the idea was handed down to man by God to create such a thing, to further improve the quality of humanity and give rise to the advancement of tooth care and the science of dentistry. The idea had to spawn from somewhere, not possibly out of the wind in a mind of one man. Coincidentally, the product had to develop scientifically, with time, to provide the necessary level of treatment.

     We produce, live, reproduce, and die not in vain though. We the not-so-savage animals of this planet have managed to think our way out of the holes of primitivism, and give rise to humanity. We will always continue to direct our thoughts to find an outcome to better suite our condition. We will always search beyond our own comprehension in attempt to prove the things that keep up from the unlimited void. Even when we reach that destination, we will still find ourselves grasping out into the air of the future, advancing just a little further, and digging a little deeper, because creatively, we can.  And we will.

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