the life and times of sindicate

so not a whole lot has been interesting in my life lately. id like to tell you some fantastical story about how i won the lottery, or used my expert ninja skill to double judo chop spinning ninja kick some douche robbing a bank and thereby foil the crime of the century. but all in all, its been a boring couple of weeks. im so ready for something remotely interesting to break the monotany.

my cousin has started working for me. at first it was kind of cool, making it a family business and all. but the initial excitement thas quickly worn down. i think he might be mildly retarded, which explains alot i guess. hes turning 27 tomorrow, and hes never held a job, finished school, or done anything worthwhile in his life. i will say the guy has an uncanny ability to drink large amounts of alcohol and pick up on ugly women. we all have our special skills i guess.

for his birthday im taking him and a bunch of friends to knotts scary farm. its an amusement park that they convert to haunted houses every year for halloween. sounds gay and childish right? well add in mixing jagerbombs in the parking lot and the draft beer inside they park and im hoping this will spin us into a whole new dimension of yay.

i dont get to go out very often because, quiet honestly, i work my ass off. my work week usually entails 16 to 18 hour days 6 day a week. add in the fact that i have a 3 year old, and yeah, life sucks. but like my dad used to tell me " work hard now so later you dont have to" either that or " fuck her before she gets cold" ( twisted childhood, i know). hopefully, my hard work will eventually pay off. until then, my cousin is enjoying the fruits of my labor. he drives one of my new cars, brings girls back to my house, uses my name to pick up chicks, and spends most of his time at the beach spending my money. lucky fucker.

anyway , i guess im done bitching for the night. so i guess ill end this blog. id like to say i get to go to sleep, but im stuck at work til 6 in the morning. fuck my life

Uploaded 10/05/2008
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