The Many Diffrent Types Of Noobs and Noob things

-Noob  "a new player in a game who sucks."

-Noob Juice   "The subsequential pwnage of a nearby in game player character typically known to be well skilled, has a lapse in in-game judgment causing the excretion of noob juice which tends to instantly affect those in which it comes in conact of. Even witnessing this act often can cause spread of this highly contagious affliction."

-Noob King   "nerds that owned other nerds on pac-man or some other S&$!"

-Noob Erection "A half-way erection that one must acquire before being able to urinate."

-Noob O's    "A breakfast cereal eaten mainly by Noob's"

-Noob Stick  "An unfair weapon, normally one that kills in one strike."

-Noobcleuar Bomb  "A bomb with a blast radius of (1000xnoob)squared kilometres. The weapon is created by acquiring the 'noobiest being in existence's' atoms and bombarding them with neutrons. The noobatom will split and cause a reaction which will then make other noobatoms to split thus creating the explosion."

-Noobimus Prime  "a noob who thinks he/she owns at everything he/she does, yet falls flat on their face everytime they are challenged on it. usually makes a lame excuse after getting stomped."

-Noobjob "When somebody completely new at a game gets hustled and owned."

-Noobzilla  "A noob that comes out of nowhere pwns everyone. Can be an elite player in disguise, or just a complete noob that gets a streak."

-Noobasarus "To be a mega noob. To achieve this, you must be incredibly horrible at a game. These creatures tend to talk back in noob-like language unknown to normal humans"






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