The Master - conclusion

"What the fuck is going on!" Kasper yelled out as he turned and yanked at the doorknob to flee. Then, just as quickly as it all began, the red lights faded to white and the shaking subsided.


Wide eyed, he turned. Before him stood the ghostly figure of Claire Girard, beautiful and fair, flowing as if suspended in water. She drifted toward Kasper calling to him in whispers. Her voice sounded distant but loud. Kasper backed up and reached for the doorknob behind his back but it burned his hand.


"What do you want!" he cried out. "Leave me alone!"


"Master, you have returned."


"Get back! Stay away from me! Oh, God, why is this happening to me?" Kasper dropped his keys and wet himself.


"You have returned to fulfill your pact. You have returned from the tool shed. What order of sufferings and agonies you have devised! The forsaken shall now suffer the will of The Master!" The walls and floors began to rumble again and the red light now glowed brighter than before. Behind the wondrously beautiful wraith before him he could see the back of the house tear away to reveal a tremendous cave lit with the light of molten lava. The stalagmites and stalactites made it feel as if Kasper was a spec in the mouth of a giant fire-breathing monster. In the lava, faces appeared and disappeared with the sick look of horror and screams of agony. The wraith whisked away out of sight.


"But..." Kasper couldn't finish his words. Something was coming up through his throat. Leaning over, he began to dry heave when what appeared to be a giant larva with barbed tentacles shot forth from his throat splashing onto the floor before him. It wiggled and squirmed. Kasper thought he might throw up his breakfast as well. Then the larva started to grow larger and larger. Kasper stepped back. It continued to grow until it was larger than Kasper then it began to morph. Claws slowly poked at the sides and near the anus then ripped outward followed by long, bony fingers and skinny, demonic, dinosaur-like feet. The top began to stretch out. The further it stretched, the more Kasper could make out the wretched face of the beast. The weight made some of the floorboards break. Kasper was frozen in fear. All he could do was watch. The beast's arms, legs, and head seemed to keep getting longer as they stretched and unfolded before him. One of the claws grasped the front of the larval shell and ripped it clean off and tossed it into the lava revealing the most vile creature Kasper had every seen in his life. It was disgusting enough because it smelled like restaurant trash with slime dripped from its reddish-brown body. Add to that the creature's eyes were yellow and sunken with brown, cat-like pupils, its teeth were almost transparent and too large to close it's mouth, and its body was thin and long but muscular. It was The Master.


The Master leaned toward Kasper dripping saliva and pointed at Kasper's pocket. Kasper reached in and pulled out the pendant. Then The Master turned and pointed to the lava. Kasper wanted to comply so he chucked the pendant into the lava. At least that was what he thought The Master wanted of him. The Master became furious. He roared. The Wraith whisked back into view her face was decrepit like a corpse, her flowing blue gown now torn and tattered. "What have you done? Now your family will never be free!"


The Master grabbed Kasper and lifted him high into the air and roared again. Then he brought Kasper to his face, roared, and then leapt into the cave landing on the only solid place in the middle of the molten pit. The Master laid Kasper on the rock at his feet with his huge and powerful hand pressing on his torso heavy enough so that Kasper couldn't inhale. Kasper screamed out in pain as he smelled the flesh burning off his back. The Master roared, looked down at Kasper, and with the tips of his other clawed hand, ripped the face off of Kasper then dangled it above his drooling mouth and dropped it in, all the while Kasper screamed.


Outside the house the screams were muffled. The weeds around the car began to hiss and burn. The dirt smoldered for a moment then turned into lava, sucking the car down and burning it, then silence.

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