The Maury Povich Deception

Usually when the man is shown to be the father, the woman gets up, chases the man, triumphantly declaring that she told him so and/or does the "give me yo money" dance in a very uncivil manner (including cash hand gestures). She then challenges him to follow through on his claim that he will provide support to the child; there is usually no follow-up episode to see if this actually happens, possibly due to the rather large number of cases that appear on the show monthly. Upon such confirmation, most men accept the fact that they are the father. Conversely, when the man is proven to not be the father, it is very common for him to celebrate by performing a smooth yet spontaneous dance routine onstage or by running into the audience to high-five audience members (the audience will suddenly cheer the man on, even though they have spent most of the segment violently booing him) while the woman walks or runs backstage crying, often collapsing (or sometimes even diving) to the floor in the fetal position. In such cases, the man rarely receives an apology from his accuser. Maury goes over to the woman, consoling her, saying something like "We'll help you find who the father is..." and dragging her back on stage. Meanwhile, the man is gloating to the audience about being right in an outrageous manner. In the case of a cheating woman whose baby turns out to be the child of the cuckolded boyfriend/husband, in many cases the father is so elated that he embraces the cheating wife as if nothing were wrong about the relationship.

Uploaded 02/18/2010
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