The Mind, B.2, Peace, Love and Satanism pg. 62

(June 29th, 2008, Sunday; 10:47am)

The unrecorded events that I underwent yesterday led me to create this notion in my Mind whilst I showered, 20 minutes ago...:

If I, one day, perch dreadfully emo in the corridors of my future scholastic institute, I'll observe one of the opposite sex, of similar emoticity. I'll stare, inquire many possibilities in my Mind. Come up with this conclusion: This fellow schoolgoer was most likely loved and adored by her peers and significant other. And, frankly, to herself, only gave a crap about her boyfriend or girlfriend. Then so, not very soon after their loving, yet tedious relationship(s), one's social life goes to crap; the cause of this was her boyfriend ultimately ending their relationship as BF & GF. Finally, after 13+ months, this chick goes from wanted and adored 'prep' with innumerous friends, to a weirdo outcast, unrecognizable, still, slightly attractive freak.

That will trigger in my Mind when I stare at the chick with black/purple hair, pale-colored face cover up, deep dark red eyeshadow, thick long black masquera and black lipstick with teardrop designs on the corners of her big, pouty lips with the most depressed look in her hazel irises filled with vast anguish, which soiled her purity forever.

That' hot..., sad, but true.


**********************************************************************************************************************************************  **..................... No, fuck no disclaimer -- this shit is raw, uncut shit sraight from   The Mind, B.2, "Peace, Love & Satanism"!**

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