The Misinterpretations of Fantastic Minds.

It's absolutely bizarre to me that people would use intellectuals to advance their arguments when at the same time not even have a basic comprehension of those individuals. We all take statements out of context to advance our arguments, due to our child like insecurities. But, (excuse my language), you are a total Fuck Head to use the most advanced thinkers to advance an argument without having a basic understanding of the intellect you purport supports your understanding.

All great intellects follow a path to enlightenment and to suspend moments, in their development, within a greater awareness to advance some juvenile idea that you feel is the "Way" is at least selfish if not destructive. 

I've already pointed out that Bill Hicks was admittedly "Awake" early on in his life in his last writing before he died, but it would seem even more astounding that Aldous Huxley, a descendent of Darwin, would find prayer, meditation and the use of LSD a door to God. In fact his book, "The Doors to Perception" examined that idea and was the inspiration that launched one of the greatest rock bands, "The Doors".

Go ahead and drag your human consciousness into it's most basic levels and revel in it's boring three dimensional diminutive state and taste it's rotting flesh upon your tongue. However, stop pretending that great minds in any way support such primitive ideologies that are the basis for a monkey society.

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