The Mystery of DeunanKnute. The Hoax!


Two weeks ago I received a personal letter from DeunanKnute.  Here are the contents:

 Letemdangle dude,

I am texting you this message. It may be my last transmission because soon I will be out of range.
As you know I work at the dockyard. We have been really busy, so I made some great overtime pay.

The money was good and now I've reignited my desire for crack. I couldn't bare the pain of my fucked up personal life and the temptation of all these bucks. Yesterday, after toking a hit, I accidentally ran into my daughter. She knew by the way I was acting. That look on her face of complete devastation is haunting me. Didn't I do enough damage with the drinking and divorce?

I made a decision to finally rid myself of this monkey. Please wait until May 1st before telling anyone or posting this. I know I can trust you and have to tell at least one person before I go. The time is needed to reach my destination before anyone  finds out where I'm going. The reason I am passing this information onto you, along with my personal information is in case something goes wrong and I need you to inform the authorities. Please do not post the personal information in a public domain, it is for emergency purposes only. I know I can trust you with this.

Tomorrow I am buying enough provisions to last me two weeks inside a container. There is a shipment of containers that have been converted to portable homes going to Japan tomorrow. I am going to lock myself into one. Yeah, a stow away adventure. I'll have enough food and water and lots of books to keep me from going crazy. I'm going to beat this thing dude.

Let the others know on May 1st as I'm sure they will be wondering what happened to the best blogger from eBaums. Just kidding, but  pretty good, right?  That should be long enough to get me to my destination. If you do not hear from me by the end of May, then something went wrong and I'll need you to contact the Port Authority with all the information I provided.

Again please do not let this out until May 1st and do not reveal the details to anyone except the Port Authorities if you do not hear from me by the end of May.

Well, there you have it. DeunanKnute is floating around on a ship from inside a converted container to stop his addictions.
Here is a picture of one I Googled. Doesn't look too bad.
Uploaded 05/01/2011
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