The Nazis Had Some Good Ideas or Why I'm Not Allowed In Public

sterilization. now, more than ever, i feel this is a plauseable way of dealing with the imperfections of the human race as it exsists today. the nazis practiced sterilization of people who they deemed "unfit" to try to create a perfect race of humans. i think they had the right idea, but were applying it in the wrong way. i know alot of people out ther will gasp and say "but Awful, how could you say something the nazis did was a good thing?" simple. during your day-to-day dealings with the general populace pay attention, real close attention, and see how many people you could see yourself having a meaningful conversation with. or someone who would understand you if you decided to try to have an intelligent disscussion with them. now, i have to admit, this seems harsh inhumane and all that jazz. we need stupid people around to do the menial tasks that an advanced civilization requires to be successful, but why not sterilize them? smart people have stupid kids too. don't you think that even having this as a rule would make parents try harder with their children? would there be so many drop outs? the human race has proved time and again thru history that it only responds to fear as a ways of motivation. am i a cold hearted asshole? yes. am i right? i believe anyone that is realistic and even sufficiently self critical would agree. i'm not talking about not passing a test or a couple of bonehead things. what i deem as people fit for steralization is as follows:

moderate to severe retardation

habitual criminals (evidence is available that shows this could be a hereditary thing)

people with major hereditarily passed diseases

severe birth defects

severe forms of mental problems

extremely low IQ

i know i probably included some people here or people you love, are friends with, etc. i think i even included myself, but to me thats ok. the purpose is the advancement and proliferation of the human race. we can, and do, guide natural selection. we have been doing it for years with dogs, cats, or anything else that will serve us so why not humans too? now i know this theory has some holes in it and can be abused, but i think with a little tweaking and some checks and balances installed, this could work. people tend to hate me when i talk about shit like this so normally i dont say everything i really feel. i would LOVE this to spark a conversation. let the love or hate begin.......


Uploaded 01/04/2009
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