The never ending battle of Prop 8

This has been bugging me for A LONG time. Prop 8. Yah the one about gay marriage. At first I was fine with it, but after hearing what it does, you know, teaching it to young children in schools? I'm absolutely fine with gays being together, but marriage is completely different. Think about this for a second. Gays can have a parade but straight people can't??? "Oh no it just wouldn't be right." Umm, have you ever seen a gay parade? Now, I have nothing against gay people. They're pretty cool once you get to know them. But let's say I get married, have a boy and he's in second or third grade. I would be completely pissed off if the teacher told him that boys get married with boys all the time and it's ok if he does it too. If you can't teach religion in school, why teach gay marriage. That's why I vote yes on Prop 8. Not because I hate gays or anything, but I think children should find their sexual beliefs later on in life. Not in schools when they're five or six. Please, post your beliefs on this matter. It could be inspiring for other people. I don't want to argue with any one, but just say what you feel.



Uploaded 11/03/2008
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