The New Clique System......

I have remained silent on so many issues that have disturbed me here on eBaumsworld but just lately, I’ve been witnessing some pretty extreme shit going on with both Newbies and Veteran users…. To me this is bullying…… I have 3 issues I feel need addressing and I will do so at a later date. My main concern at the moment is the new “Clique System” I will not mention any names because I’m pretty sure that the parties involved will know who I am talking about but for all the thousands of decent eBaumsworld users who just like this site and upload some great stuff I will explain how this “clique” works.


Firstly…. If you by any chance upset one of these 5 people, you will be reprimanded. These 5 users…… no sorry I mean LOSERS will then view your media, be it new stuff or old and rate it down…… There is a flaw in eBaumsworlds system that automatically takes down media that is flagged by more than 4 users, so if they don’t like you they will group together and destroy anything you upload.


I have some great friends on here who are seriously thinking about leaving because of this group of idiots and these are people who have been members of this community for a long time. People who’s uploads have given everybody excellent entertainment for a long time…. I have been in contact with staff and this matter is under review so hopefully it will be dealt with shortly and the above losers will be receiving what they deserve….


I don’t want to fall out with anybody over this issue…. I know that one of the persons involved is on my buddy list and I’m hoping that they will realise that….


My other issues will have to wait for a few weeks while I’m tied up with work but this “Clique” will be dealt with sooner than you think…. G.L.D…..

Uploaded 09/28/2008
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